HealthCare Workers Credentialing solution for COVID-19 responders

In NY City around 90,000 volunteers stepped forward (courtesy NY Times) but only 908 were able to work due to credentialing requirements for healthcare workers.

Online PR News – 20-April-2020 – San Ramon, CA – Health care is a highly regulated industry and there are significant requirements for credentialing of health care workers. A full credentialing process can take upto 4 months. While provisional credentialing can be fast tracked but the credentialing is done for a specific hospital or a facility so still poses a challenge to move healthcare workers between facilities. As we are witnessing in midst of this pandemic that healthcare workers have a pressing need to move between facilities rather frequently, the current credentialing process does not lend collaboration really well as it was never designed for the situation we are currently facing.

Symblock has designed the BlockSecure platform which can ease this challenge and credentials can be transferred between facilities and across states in real-time without compromising the integrity of the paperwork required. Symblock is offering BlockSecure platform to any health systems, payer or healthcare provider at no cost. We can leverage your existing CVO organization, internal or external, as well use the existing credentials to collaborate with larger health care networks so that healthcare professionals are able to move between facilities as needed. Our platform is built on distributed ledger technology which creates an immutable audit trail and will provide speed, efficiency as well higher integrity of credentialing process for compliance.

We will also help your organization with the setup to ease your burden of integration so that you are able to focus on core needs for patients.

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