Medella Laboratories and Union Springs Healthcare Merge to Become Medella Springs Healthcare

Medella Laboratories and Union Springs Healthcare have merged to form Medella Springs Healthcare.

Online PR News – 17-April-2020 – Cincinnati, OH – Medella Laboratories and Union Springs Healthcare (USH) announced that the two companies have merged to form Medella Springs Healthcare. Medella Laboratories quickly rose to prominence in the natural health space, with its Medella Naturals brand of digestive and family health products being distributed in major, national, retailers like Kroger, Wegman’s, Fred Meyer and Fresh Thyme Markets. Medella Laboratories also distributes their products globally in eight different countries. USH, founded by renowned health care entrepreneur, Roger Griggs, has a strong product development background, commercializing over 30 Rx and OTC products. Combined, Medella Laboratories and USH benefit from an expanded healthcare portfolio, new channels of distribution and increased capitalization. The new company, Medella Springs Healthcare, will be led by President and CEO Michael Ewers, founder of Medella Laboratories and former Procter & Gamble Sales Executive. Roger Griggs will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the new organization.

“This merger demonstrates a major expansion in the scope and reach of our respective organizations. Both Medella Laboratories and Union Springs have experienced impressive growth and market penetration since their inception. We look forward to collaborating with Roger Griggs as his expertise aligns with Medella Laboratories’ mission to become a more fully integrated healthcare company. We’re determined to enrich the personal health and well-being of our customers,” Ewers commented. “The merger greatly expands our portfolio of products and brings us an exciting pipeline of unique, highly marketable healthcare products that address a number of unmet medical needs. We especially look forward to partnering with healthcare practitioners that are core to the USH model.”

Medella Springs will combine the assets of both companies which include 7 Medella Laboratories’ products and 5 nutritional products from Union Springs. These products have been formulated to help support brain health, behavior management, digestive health, sleep and family wellness. They will be produced, sold and marketed by Medella Springs Healthcare. Medella Springs also receives the rights to USH’s formidable developmental portfolio which includes products for ADHD (Addivance) and acute anxiety management (Livenium).

Roger Griggs, Founder of Union Springs Healthcare, stated “We are delighted to merge with Medella Laboratories to form Medella Springs Healthcare. Michael Ewers and the team bring an impressive resume and history of accomplishment to the new organization. We know USH products help healthcare practitioners better patient needs while lowering costs. The addition of our products and Medella Laboratories’ existing partnerships will broaden the reach of our brands, enhance channels of distribution and improve commercialization efficiencies across the board. Medella Springs is eager to expand upon this business model.”

Michael Ewers has nearly 20 years of experience in the Rx and OTC healthcare markets. Prior to founding Medella Laboratories, he spent 11 years at Procter & Gamble in multiple leadership capacities in their pharmaceutical and personal healthcare divisions. Ewers brings extensive global healthcare commercialization experience that will be critical as Medella Springs looks to grow its brand portfolio in the United States and around the world.

About Union Springs Healthcare, LLC
Union Springs Healthcare, based in Crescent Springs, KY, is a privately held healthcare company committed to providing healthcare professionals and their patients with a diversified portfolio of prescription quality, primarily naturally derived healthcare products. Union Springs Healthcare products are developed to provide adjunctive health benefits to physicians, pharmacists and their patients.

About Medella Laboratories, LLC
Medella Laboratories is a privately held healthcare company based in Mason, OH. Founded in 2015, Medella is committed to the scientific design and formulation of all-natural health and wellness brands. Medella products are currently sold in thousands of retailers across the USA, including Kroger, Wegman’s, Fred Meyer and Roundy’s, as well as 8 different countries internationally.

Medella Laboratories’ current products include:

Medella Naturals™ Family of Probiotics: Probiotic portfolio consists of 5 different probiotic products clinically formulated for Children (chewable), Women, Men, Mega-Strength and Adults (chewable). All the probiotic options contain multiple strains of good bacteria and include a prebiotic for additional efficacy. Additionally, they are NON-GMO and free from gluten, sugar, and dairy.

Medella Naturals™ Natural Mosquito & Insect Repellent: A DEET and chemical free blend of lemongrass oil and vanilla that is clinically proven to repel a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, black flies and gnats.

Acne Clear™ + Biotin: An all-natural, proprietary design formulated with Kiwi Seed Extract and Ceramide-PCD, clinically proven to work together to clear acne and promote healthy, younger-looking skin. Kiwi Seed Extract contains polyphenols to inhibit activity of acne derived lipase, while Ceramide-PCD is a gluten-free phytoceramide derived from rice that improves the skin barrier and increases skin moisture and overall smoothness.

The five USH products joining Medella Springs’ product portfolio include:

LuciPlex®: A comprehensive brain health formula comprised of a proprietary blend of primarily natural ingredients formulated and clinically validated to help support memory, focus and cognition.

NoctoPlex®: A sleep formula comprised of a proprietary blend of primarily natural ingredients that is formulated to enhance the duration and quality of sleep. NoctoPlex is drug-free, safe, and non-habit forming.

NoctoPlex® for Kids: A first-of-its-kind sleep formula designed specifically for children 5-17 years of age. This unique formula is comprised of a proprietary blend of primarily natural ingredients that is formulated to enhance the onset, duration and quality of sleep. NoctoPlex for Kids is drug-free, safe and non-habit forming.

AddiVance® for Kids: A comprehensive behavioral formula that naturally supports focus and cognition. AddiVance is a bio-optimized dietary supplement designed to address dietary deficiencies common to maturing children and actively works to promote improvement in behavior
Livenium™: A product that is currently under the final stages of development for the comprehensive management of stress.