Small Business IT Stimulus

Small contributions to cover low cost and FREE IT helpdesk support. 3 months to 2 year remote helpdesk, monitoring of PC, servers, network, and SuisseApp.

Online PR News – 16-April-2020 – 12/31/2020 Philadelphia PA –

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Ever since I was a child I have had a burning desire to help others. In most cases I didn't really think about the price or consequences to me personally. Afterall, that's how I was raised. From my grandparents to my parents, my family sacrificed everything for me. I never missed a meal or didn't have a roof over my head. Moreover, I'm from a 3rd world nation and all I knew was life can and should be better.
When I started Suisse Associates, part of my desire was to figure a way to give back because so much has been given to me.
We are asking for small $1-$5 contributions to cover low cost and FREE remote helpdesk support to small businesses. We will provide 3 months -2 years remote helpdesk, monitoring of computers, servers and network equipment, and our workflow suite.
ANY small business over 3 people with computers can apply for funding and experience the benefits of a full service IT department. We welcome ALL work from home entrepreneurs, non-profits, faith-based, retail, startups, and existing businesses.
Suisse has a full service workflow suite and helpdesk team to support small businesses affected by COVID19. Also some added benefits include discounts on our onsite and virtual-cio, cto, project managers to help streamlines their technology operations.
We believe this will help many small businesses operate at their potential, focusing their budgets on their payroll and other business expenses.
Each business will get an agreement and roadmap outlining their services. Moreover If they are unable to afford computer, internet, phone, low-voltage cabling we will use the funds to assist. The main goal is to get businesses up and running.
We bring the dynamic experience of field services, and management.
We are passionate to take this technology to all businesses including work from home to help us all recover from COVID pandemic