iVIPANAN is Digital Partner of Suratcityjobs.com.

iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Managemnet and Services wins the Digital Marketing mandate for Suratcityjobs.com.

Online PR News – 15-April-2020 – Surat, Gujarat – Surat, March 14, 2020: The job of HR consultancy is not just to select the best Ideas & Candidates, but also to create a system that allows for the best Ideas & Candidates to emerge. Following such an ideology Kaapro Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is setting a benchmark in providing HR solutions and effective training to candidates to enhance their ability to get employed. Kaapro Management Solution is premier HR Consulting Company providing HR Solutions to satisfy demanding HR needs of their clients and so announced the launch of Surat's Job Portal "Suratcityjobs.com" on 14th March,2020.

Suratcityjobs.com is an idea to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers in Surat. It is a premier job portal which aims to keep job search and candidate search easy and effective. Their unique job portal avails the recruitment process in three different languages: Gujarati, Hindi and English.

iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Managemnet and Services wins the Digital Marketing mandate for Suratcityjobs.com. The agency provides consultancy services like SEO, Digital MArketing, SEM, SMM (Social ,edia marketing) and Content Writing. SEO is the most intregal part for DM, because it drives the traffic to individual's websites. If SEO and SMM are worked together then it can boost organic traffic through search engines on your websites, therefore investing in social media marketing improves chances of performing well in the searchengines. Social media makes SEO activities not only effective but also lucrative.
iVIPANAN is the pioneer of Digital marketing consultation and training in South Gujarat region where it helps business to grow substantially by providing digital marketing service. In such demonetization period, the need for the job is always in need to every job seeker. This is why Suratcityjobs.com focuses in building Surat's own portal which act as bridge between talent pool and opportunities available in Surat. And that's the reason why Suratcityjobs.com choses iVIPANAN for its digital marketing services, which notify the job requirement not in mass but exactly to the one who needs. This is called perfect segmentation and targeting of job seekers in reasonable amount.

Bhautik Sheth, the founder of iVIPANAN and it's team work in tandem and understand every process and sub-process of their client's business very closely. They put their close attention to every minute details and show their best result, which makes their clients proud. This how it makes iVIPANAN as the best Digital Marketing Service provider in Surat.

Last but not the least, It is evident that iVIPANAN have been working with many well known brands of South Gujarat: La Pino's Pizza, Shamal Designs, Mattuki Caterers, Creamery and many more.

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