Compass Cleaning Solutions utilizes Chlorine Dioxide for Cleaning & Disinfection

Chlorine Dioxide has been used for years in water treatment plants, within the last several years it has become available at the commercial level.

Online PR News – 15-April-2020 – Phoenix, AZ – For those working on the frontline in healthcare, in addition to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), the cleanliness of healthcare environments is more critical than ever for infection prevention, control, and patient well-being.

Also, our communities are following the CDC guidelines for social distancing, and many facilities have temporarily closed their physical locations and are working remotely. Some businesses are considered essential services whose doors have remained open throughout the pandemic.

No matter what the situation is, ensuring that businesses and medical facilities are free of infection has never been more crucial.

Although there are several different methods for adequately disinfecting buildings, none are as thorough as a Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) Terminal Clean. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful germicidal agent that kills 99.99% of microorganisms, whether they be viral, bacterial, or fungal.

Compass Cleaning Solutions, a commercial cleaning company in Tempe, AZ, uses chlorine dioxide in conjunction with other cleaning products to clean and disinfect office buildings, restaurants, medical offices, and medical facilities, to name a few.

A forward-thinking commercial cleaning company, Compass Cleaning Solutions adopted the use of Chlorine Dioxide when it became available at a commercial level.

Chlorine Dioxide History

Chlorine Dioxide has been used for years in water treatment plants and other manufacturing operations. However, in the past, the delivery systems were massive pieces of equipment that made non-industrial applications impractical.

Within the last several years technology has been developed to make the delivery at a commercial level much more practical and affordable.

Disinfecting with Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) is a safe yet powerful oxidizing cleaning product for odors and germs. Unlike traditional disinfectants that kill bacteria from the inside out in 7-10 minutes, chlorine dioxide works from the outside in, in 30-90 seconds.

CLO2 is not a bleach, doesn't contain VOC's and is not carcinogenic. A highly effective cleaning product that fights odors, allergies, mold, and pathogens, it does not create harmful by-products.

• Disinfects
• Sanitizes
• Deodorizes

CLO2 can be dispersed in a liquid or gaseous form, allowing it to get to places that no amount of wiping can accomplish, no matter how detailed. This process of disinfecting is becoming a new industry standard; however, currently, few companies offer it.

Cross-Contamination Control

In addition to using CLO2, Compass Cleaning Solutions uses Microfiber towels, mops, and dusters to further eliminate airborne dust and residual bacteria.

The use of flat mop systems eliminates the concerns of cross-contamination. Because dirty pads are regularly exchanged for clean ones, dirt or bacteria from one area is not re-introduced somewhere else.

The use of microfiber is proven to dramatically reduce levels of bacteria on hard surfaces significantly over cotton or synthetic fabrics.

We are in this together!

In conclusion, practical, well-reasoned, thought-out actions are going to be the things that we all need to do and Compass Cleaning Solutions is here to make sure that your building is as clean and disinfected as it can be.

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