Bulluck Financial CEO urges calmness as COVID-19 takes hold of the markets

Bulluck Financial’s Chief Executive Officer today issued calmness as COVID-19 is causing havoc to the global stock markets.

Online PR News – 14-April-2020 – CENTRAL DISTRICT/HONG KONG – With the COVID-19 virus epidemic intensifying, the markets have entered a period of extraordinary volatility. Stock-market futures plunged and some exchanges shut down, and the entire United States Treasury yield curve fell below 1 percent for the first time ever.

Bulluck Financial’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Eric Chambers commented in a conference earlier saying “Basically, what you should do is wash your hands, ignore the markets, don’t touch your face and don’t touch your stocks.”

“The financial world is thinking that it feels like 2008 and they are right. Coronavirus is killing thousands of people and infecting what might end up being millions. Businesses are shuttering and failing and quarantines and travel bans are coming into place. But do not make any hasty decisions and sell your stocks. This is an opportunity to buy low stocks and keep hold of your current assets”, added Eric Chambers, Chief Executive Officer of Bulluck Financial.

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