Hillman Wealth Management announces US$500,000 commitment for COVID-19 recovery efforts

Hillman Wealth Management today announced a US$500,000 commitment in aid to support COVID-19 relief efforts in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

Online PR News – 14-April-2020 – TOKYO/CHIYODA-KU – Hillman Wealth Management’s funding will support frontline medical responders in the Central Tokyo district as well as local community providers serving those economically impacted by the virus.

Hillman Wealth Management’s President commented on the relief funding saying “During this chaotic and volatile health crisis, we are committed to doing everything possible to support the people that need it the most in our community and we hope this donation goes some way into doing so.”

“Hillman Wealth Management are proud to support these heroic people that are on the front lines fighting the spread of the virus, and the everybody who is impacted by the disruption to daily life that has resulted from efforts to control the spread of this virus,” added the President of Hillman Wealth Management.

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