Impossible Sales; A Book by ‘Mr. Sales’, reveals the secrets to increase sales after COVID 19.

Global Award Winning Sales Training Expert, Mihir Koltharkar, showcases a structured sales approach to drastically increase sales and profits

Online PR News – 12-April-2020 – India – Mumbai, India, April 2020– Mihir Koltharkar, a prolific Sales and Negotiation Training expert, recently released Impossible Sales on Amazon. This book is predicted to be the ultimate sales accelerator, as it offers an insight into his 20 years of practical wisdom in sales and negotiation gained while increasing the sales performance of hundreds of organizations in 9 countries. He has conducted more than 2000 sessions in almost all industry sectors, and he is invited by organizations to train their employees internationally.
The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the visible cracks in businesses and economies and is a perpetual threat for nationwide and worldwide sales. It’s a challenging time for all the businesses around the world, and Sales activities have come to a sudden halt. As every coin has two sides, this phase can be viewed as an opportunity to invest in developing the sales skills of the relevant people. It can be a learning and preparatory phase for businesses, where the related staff can upgrade their sales and negotiation knowledge and sharpen their skills so that they can be better prepared for the post-COVID19 target battle.
Post-COVID19 era, B2B businesses will need to focus on getting maximum business fast, as the competition is going to be equally hungry. Effective and profitable negotiations will play a significant role in recovering potential losses.
The timely launch of Impossible Sales can prove to be a boon to many people who have sales profiles and are already worried about increasing sales in a dramatically challenging business world. Mihir Koltharkar also delivers Training sessions and Online Coaching sessions to help individuals and businesses craft customized Sales and Negotiation solutions.
Various B2B Sales Professionals, Key Account Managers, Sales Leaders, SME Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Real Estate Sales Professionals, and Independent Consultants have followed his profitable insights and keys to success, for their immense growth. His success stories include:
An ultra-luxury property developer having over 800 sales professionals increased its sales turnover by USD 4.5 billion in 12 months. Another leading building materials and home interiors company increased its turnover by USD 1.2 billion in just 18 months. A ship repair company saved USD 1 million in the first month of attending the negotiation training. A Stock Broking company increased its sales from 1450 per month to 1700+ per month in 40 days and 1950+ in 70 days. Multiple success stories have been forged by adopting the structured sales approach, which is also preferred by the top sales professionals from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Impossible Sales is a masterpiece from the pen of Mihir Koltharkar. It is a guiding light to protect businesses from the onslaught of economic recessions and offers a practical way to increase sales systematically and sustainably.

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