Sport Chain Security supports health company in COVID-19 medical testing kits

Sport Chain Security, a Brazilian sports blockchain company is currently working with a healthcare company to provide tests for the COVID-19 virus.

Online PR News – 10-April-2020 – SAO PAOLO – Sport Chain Security are helping to develop a portable laboratory which is capable of instantly detecting infectious diseases through non-invasive blood tests and will return results within 20 minutes. The set up provided will include a mini lab and test kits and they hope to ready in 2 weeks.

Sport Chain Security’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Endo Tanaka commented on the testing kits saying “What we want to do is to make the tests available as widely and as quickly as possible so that the users who include the national health system, private healthcare, pharmacy chains and companies can to test their employees as soon as possible.”

Earlier this month, the company announced the consumer price for the test would be 130 reais ($25), but Figueredo noted the company has since managed to negotiate with suppliers to further reduce the final price, yet to be announced. According to the entrepreneur, Hi is in talks with several companies and governments to supply the mini labs and rapid tests.

This is a worldwide problem which has created chaos across all industry sectors. Many people have already lost their loves to the Coronavirus and many peoples businesses and livelihood have been shut. So we can only do out bit to help those affected and with these testing kits, we hope to have Sao Paulo and the rest of Brazil taking precautions, as well as helping the international community,” added Endo Tanaka, Chief Technology Officer of Sport Chain Security.

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Co-founded by Rodrigo Teixeira and Samuel Lanson, Sport Chain Security is transforming consumer habits in the sporting industry through pioneering digital technology and data analysis. At the vanguard of the sporting fitness industry, we continually innovate to create specialist systems and user platforms with the particular use of blockchain technology.

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