Daily Wave News Launches Website Founded by Millennial Activists

A group of millennials from Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, CA band together to create a news organization focused on releasing daily 1-minute articles.

Online PR News – 10-April-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – DailyWave News is a new news organization that produces daily 1-minute articles. Categorized by topic – us news, global news, music, science, fashion, movies, investments – readers are given a single important headline in each category every day. The condensed nature of the website caters to those that want to stay informed but lead busy lives.

Each article is written by activists in their respective field. The founder, Jeremiah Folia, works as an independent film producer in Los Angeles, and has a history working in media development in Washington, DC. The mission of the new site is to give busy people whose lives don’t revolve around politics a small dose of unbiased reporting, while delivering daily entertainment and technology developments as well. Those that write the articles are active in their respective fields – one entertainment writer is a screenwriter in Hollywood, one politics writer is a political activist in New York, the fashion editor is a shoe designer in Denver, and another writer is a former legislative aid from Washington DC. They all come from diverse backgrounds to provide diverse, dependable stories.

The site launched April 9, 2020.