American Vertex Trading Corporation raises money to help small businesses during COVID-19

American Vertex Trading Corporation announced today that they have raised US$2 million to help small businesses who are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online PR News – 10-April-2020 – TSAT TSZ MUI/HONG KONG – American Vertex Trading Corporation and a couple of other financial institutions helped raise money and focused on giving startups and small businesses a financial hand during these testing times.

American Vertex Trading Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer told local media in a video conference “Having teamed up with fellow financial institutions in Hong Kong, together we raised US$2 million. This will go towards small businesses who are suffering from the COVID-19 outbreak.”

American Vertex Trading Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer also went on to say “We are proud to support our community and some of us are more fortunate than others so we can only share and help our community to recover during this testing period for businesses not just in Hong Kong but around the world.”

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