MarketDesk Offers Free Use of Its Content Distribution System for Both Private & Public Distribution

MarketDesk offers its platform for content owners distributing financial data to financial companies at no cost during the national emergency.

Online PR News – 09-April-2020 – April 6, Hoboken, NJ – MarketDesk, a cutting edge technology platform for content owners distributing financial data, is proud and honored to announce a no-strings attached offer. Effective immediately, MarketDesk will make its Content Distribution System free to financial services companies for the duration of the national emergency.

Due to the continuing outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, financial firms are forced to have employees work remotely (WFH). MarketDesk is stepping up to do its part by offering its secure content distribution platform to any firm, large or small, who needs to deliver any type of information or content to their internal or external clients. This can range from internal corporate memos to staff or executives, company announcements, external research reports, or inter /intra day pricing and news. MarketDesk has the expertise, the technology, and stands ready to work with all comers who might need their services.

MarketDesk, in addition to absorbing any and all costs associated with onboarding content and it’s distribution, the technology leader will assume any integration costs associated with the creation of data APIs. This applies to any content a company needs to be distributed. No cost really does mean no cost at MarketDesk. “With firms currently laying off and furloughing staff, and cutting costs wherever they can, we recognize that the last thing a company wants to do is take on additional expenditures,” said John Robinson, MarketDesk Head of Sales. “To that end, we are doing whatever we can to help keep people employed and companies afloat.”

Brice Hamon, MarketDesk CEO offered, “We’re proud to offer the MarketDesk Content Distribution System for the duration of the national emergency. It’s our way of helping financial companies ride out the unique challenges they face with so many workers forced to work off-site. Some companies are less equipped to maximize their workload under these conditions but we’ve ramped up our team to do our part and help the financial industry get through the Covid-19 crisis.”

The MarketDesk Content Distribution Platform was primarily designed with the financial community in mind. However, it will work for any company outside the financial community who is facing the same challenges too. With its AWS based, market tested and proven encryption services for keeping your data safe and secure, MarketDesk gives financial firms one less concern in this challenging environment.

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