Solareum Handles Coronavirus and Relaunch

Solareum strives to continue Doing Well By Doing Good and helping those during these times....

Online PR News – 05-April-2020 – New York City, New York – Solareum is pleased to announce the relaunch of the Club. This newly updated platform is designed to enhance the customer and vendor experience with a focus responsive
design towards mobility providing exposure to a worldwide audience.
Solareum is determined to continue their work to help the customers by offering eco-friendly products at reasonable prices and gear them up towards a sustainable
lifestyle. They can do this through the support of their dedicated vendors with a mission that aligns with the company motto of "Doing Well, by Doing Good". For the safety of our customers, the company is taking extra safety precautions such as santizing all products prior to shipment in efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. In addition to their efforts with their customers, Solareum highly regards their vendor partnerships by maintaining a policy of "no product listing fees", EVER!
A portion of all proceeds are being donated to organizations, such as PETA,, NoMore, and most recently, the National Nurse's Association, to assist them
in their battle against the Coronavirus. Solareum is committed to lead by example by #DoingWellbyDoingGood.
What differentiates Solareum most of all, is the company they keep. They put the safety of their employees first. Being one of the first organizations in New York City to "shutter in place". They already had their systems set up to support their associates to work remotely.
"It's times like these that expose the caliber of your team and I'm so excited about the future of our company and it's affiliates." - Ken Reece, CEO Solareum, Inc.