Leafreport Published A Best Data Report For Consumers Of CBD Indsutry.

The report provides a fresh roadmap to buying CBD for all kinds of consumers.

Online PR News – 03-April-2020 – Tel Aviv – Leafreport launches a new shocking Market Research showing 1000% disparity among prices of CBD Products

The US is the biggest market for CBD has reached 15.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 29.5$ Billion in 2020.CBD market is continuing to interest the general public.

This PR is already released on https://biz.prlog.org/Leafreport/
Leafreport, a foremost website for providing news and information on CBD has
compiled a successful report that compares over 3,500 products from 53 brands- which includes gummies, vapes, capsules, tinctures, isolates, soft gels, liquids, etc.

According to leafreport- There is a lot of irregularity in the market in terms of potencies, prices, quality and that leads to uninformed decision making of the consumers.

The report provides a fresh roadmap to buying CBD for all kinds of consumers.
There are specific benchmarks for comparing price, potency, quality, aim, effects and what specifically the consumer is looking for. It is supported by Infographics, statistics, and other valid resources. It addresses all the questions that a consumer will come up with in detail making it a full-fledged consumer report.

Leafreport suggests that there is a lot of misinformation about CBD, its uses, brands, consumption. They are just beginning to get real data and once this data becomes accessible to the general public it would change the market and consumers will be more aware of Cd products and its consumption.

About Leafreport

The company’s aim is to provide transparency in the CBD industry through reviewing products, market researches, comparison of different products and educating people about CBD. The Medical team writes comprehensive medical reviews of the drugs which makes it stand out from other CBD websites. It has a team of medical professionals and authors who work towards providing the best and correct information to the consumers.

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