Ukrainian orthopedic surgeon launched a franchise: Device for varus deformity correction

Company plans to share knowledge, successful business model, patent, technology of bow legs treatment using Veklich fixation devices through a franchise.

Online PR News – 02-April-2020 – Ukraine, Kyiv – Having straight and healthy legs is simple!

The founder of Ladisten orthopedics and traumatology medical center Vitaliy Veklich is a surgeon of the highest category in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults who has been practicing for more than 40 years. Being the author of modified external fixation devices - Veklich devices, he has launched the medical franchise “Genu Varum (bow legs) deformity correction device”.

The Veklich company plans to share knowledge, brand, successful business model, patent and technology of bow legs treatment using Veklich external fixation devices through a franchise.

There is a huge number of people around the world who are suffering from the problem of Genu Varum deformities of knee joints. This problem is especially relevant to girls for whom having bowed legs is a hard complex in life. The deformation can be caused by both hereditary factors and problems with growth during the puberty period.

There is always a demand for the leg correction procedure!

However, this pathology has rather complicated methods of treatment all over the world, with the possibility of development of complications in the form of contractures, infection due to the invasiveness of the operation, large scars from the spokes after treatment.

Fixation device designed by Vitaliy Veklich

In the development of Veklich Genu Varum (bow legs) deformity correction device, the disadvantages of ergonomics and invasiveness were taken into account and corrected. There are no spokes injuring the skin in the device; instead of them, arcs and semi-rings are used, so the installation of such device is minimally invasive. The construction reduces the time of rehabilitation period since soft tissues are practically not injured.

It should be noted that Veklich device is quite light and ergonomic – therefore, the rehabilitation of patient during the period of wearing the device and recovery takes place with minimal discomfort. Its shape and size are specified individually for each patient, with anatomical features of the body taken into account.

The minimally invasive surgical procedure lasts up to 30 minutes for 2 legs, the removal of devices in the end of correction would take up to 3 minutes for both legs. Total period of correction is 3 months.

Who can become a franchisee partner

- medical centers
- orthopedic clinics and clinics of plastic surgery
- businessmen interested in investing in quickly repaying, highly demanded market niches

In addition to the undoubtedly useful and necessary methodology of the procedure, which will allow a huge quantity of women and men to improve the quality of life significantly in a short period of time, get rid of complexes and keep healthy legs for a lifetime, the franchise has quite attractive conditions: the franchisor declares a 10-month payback period for existing medical businesses, as well as minimal additional costs for introducing a new procedure.