Giving back during the COVID crisis: HIDECOR is Supporting and Building a community

HIDECOR is inviting all enterprises to leverage its expertise to plan & build their workspace requirements, budgets and designs for a green future.

Online PR News – 01-April-2020 – April 1, 2020. Bangalore, India – Organizations in the current COVID scare are experiencing a steep decline in demand for their products or services, forcing them to take a hard look at core services, and discontinuing anything which is seemingly luxury.

The pandemic indeed has changed the regular way of work at HIDECOR as well and here is how we are coping or approaching the new normal.

Our business has a very large offline delivery component which is labour-intensive and it can not be executed without physical presence.

Technology has been the biggest salvage in the given situation. Speaking from personal experience, while the design part of the business can be easily moved online using cloud tools such as Autodesk BIM 360, Graphisoft BIMcloud, the execution and the realisation of those designs in the physical world has come to a standstill for the greater good.

Experts are suggesting a resilient approach to ensure longevity and surviving the crisis. This is not the time to use the situation and health scare as an opportunity. It is for community building and giving back in any way possible, to ensure, when this all is over, people invest in your brand.

We understand, in any business, during challenging times as such, most will try to keep the cash flow, thus scaling back on any expansion plans, including investing in a new workspace (which, in the given situation is probably not being used as well).

But things won't remain such and hence to be prepared for the sunny days, we thought the best way we can give back is by supporting the workspace strategies of enterprises - small & large alike, such that they and their team are resilient towards any unforeseen circumstances.

We are inviting all SMEs and startups to leverage our subject matter expertise to think about what their workplace will look like in a post-COVID-19 world and answer some key questions like:
1. How to plan their space requirements, budgets and designs for the near term?
2. How to calculate the efficiency of the space before the sign-off?
3. Chalk out the actual design, using technology, which can be replicated in real as and when.
4. What are the key factors to be considered for negotiations with the landlord?
5. What are the mandatory questions to be asked to the builder before finalisation and cross-validate it with design partners if that would fulfil the requirements?

We like everyone else. we are too looking forward to better times, anticipating circumstances and staying prepared in advance to hit the ground running.
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