Sofvare to Launch Neck & Spine Wellness App

Neck and spine wellness are growing concerns amongst all age groups. Many common causes for neck, back and spine problems root from prolonged straining.

Online PR News – 01-April-2020 – Texas – Neck and spine wellness are growing concerns amongst all age groups. Many common causes for neck, back and spine problems root from prolonged straining (looking down for extended period at your cell phone, tablet or wireless devices). While there is a little realization of this common habit, the physical damage triggered by the strain is extremely painful and often causes long term injury.

It is believed that 75% of the world’s population has smartphones. An average person puts down his/her smartphone 2 hours in a day while awake. This pattern has been found more common amongst the younger generation, therefore, causing long term effects to their neck, back, and spine.

Text neck is a term used to describe neck pain and injury done due to straining your neck at a damaging position.

We have to realize that smartphones and tablets are now accessible to people of all ages. The ease of use, addictive apps, live streaming videos, social media, texting, sharing apps and games have made it attractive for all generations. There are apps to keep children engaged for hours, without notifying parents about the damage that can be caused. As parents, we concern ourselves with age-restricted content, but the physical damage done to our children is not accounted for.

We at Sofvare have realized this gap and have developed an app to alert you when your neck is in a damaging position while using smartphones and tablets. The app not only alerts you when you are holding your phone in damaging position but is also tell you average position by degree and the strain on your neck for the day (degree/minutes). While it collects and displays your average, you can set it up to receive emails with the history of your children and loved ones on daily basis. With the frequent use of Neck & Spine Wellness app and the right level of notification, you can train yourself to hold your phone at the right angle to avoid such damages.

How to use the app…
• Download the app and create a profile with accurate information.
• Turn on the notifications.
• Please enter an email address where you would like notification to be sent, you can enter multiple email addresses.
• Notifications are setup as default in the app, please change as per your requirements.
• History view can be setup as weekly or monthly.
• The bars shown on the screen calculate an hourly average and tells you the average strain for that hour.
• We have links to videos with exercises for stretching and self-pain management. You should visit a Dr if your pain continues as this may require medical attention. You can contact a Dr nearby by clicking ‘Find Doctor near me’.

Now that you have it installed and setup….

• Hold your phone in a position to see how much stress is it causing.
• The color-coding is used to help you determine the position and the strain on the neck.
• Best position is when the angle is 24 degrees or below. If the angle increases, the strain will increase and the color of the spine will change from green to yellow and may go as bad as red.
• The algorithm used to calculate the weight on your neck is based on your age and weight that you entered in your profile.

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Download the Android App Link: