Cadre Health Offers No-Cost Access to its Medicaid Patient Optimization Program

Healthcare solutions company aims to assist hospitals and patients during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic through no-cost access to its technology.

Online PR News – 31-March-2020 – GREENVILLE – Healthcare solutions company Cadre Health announced it will be providing no-cost access to its Medicaid patient optimization reimbursement program, “Cadre Enrollment.” The company says the offer is aimed at supporting hospitals that face a surge in patient volume as new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) emerge.

The Cadre Enrollment program is built on a web-based solution that screens patients for all available state and federal programs including Medicaid and new programs emerging in response to the current crisis. This technology does not require EMR integration or expensive hardware and allows enrollment specialists to screen patients within 90 seconds.

In a letter addressing the healthcare community, Cadre Health CEO David Young said of the company’s offer, “Our hope is that by offering an easy, no-cost system to match uninsured patients to Medicaid coverage and other benefits, we can eliminate one hurdle in your mission to provide the best possible patient care.” He went on to say that payment for treatment is the last thing hospitals and patients should worry about amidst the global crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Cadre Health is encouraging hospitals in need of support to contact the company. More details about the offer are included below.

Cadre Health has indicated that it is ready to partner with as many hospitals addressing the coronavirus outbreak as it is able to support.
The company is committed to offering the no-cost option on a first-come, first-served basis.
If the issues related to COVID-19 persist, Cadre Health will consider expanding the number of hospitals participating in the offer.

About Cadre Health: Cadre Health is a healthcare solutions company that offers best-in-class technologies aimed at empowering hospitals to improve financial stability and health outcomes with their existing patient and services mix. Simply put, Cadre Health seeks to help community hospitals thrive with what they have.