Picasso Raffle Draw Will Be PostPoned Due To The Novel Coronavirus Lockdown in Paris

1Picasso For 100Euros, the French charity raffle featuring Picasso painting has been forced to change the draw date to April 25th for the COVID-19 lockdown.

Online PR News – 31-March-2020 – France, Paris – 1Picasso For 100Euros, the French online raffle charity project featuring the art painting by Pablo Picasso, has announced that the draw date is now forced to be postponed to April 25th. It is being rescheduled to be held sometime within 10 days after the reopening of Paris Christie's, which is currently closed due to the city lockdown against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

French Government is currently carrying out her strict city lockdown to avoid getting hit by the strong wave of the COVID-19. The lockdown is determined to be continued at least until March 31st, and during that restriction period, people cannot even go for a walk without a signed attestation. The indoor gathering of a large number of people is also prohibited. Since 1Picasso For 100Euros can only be held in cooperation with the stakeholders such as representatives of Picasso Estate and Picasso Administration, Court Officer and CARE International, the draw date had to delay.

According to Claude Picasso, son of Pablo Picasso, as well as David Nahmad, the owner of the prize of this edition, Nuture Motre, Pablo Picasso himself would like the idea of raffle to give away his paintings to support the people suffering from poverty. Clean water is essential to prevent oneself from getting diseases. It is anticipated that the raffle draw will be held accordingly as planned so that his generous spirit can also be expressed to those who deserve to see.