Christian Book Offers Practical Steps to Regaining Total Inner Peace (Free on Kindle from 5th April)

Kindness Challenge for Peaceful Living focuses on getting everyone, both Christians and none Christians, to see that humanity is one, more alike than different.

Online PR News – 29-March-2020 – Port Harcourt, Nigeria – Easily develop the consciousness that seeks the good of all
- Showcase universally acceptable mannerisms towards humanity, both the fraction of it living around you and the generality of the human race
- Shed negative ideologies you may have about races, ethnicities, and religious groups other than your own
- Embrace the deep inner peace that follows the conduct of a true global citizen

What is a Christian when there’s no peace in and around them?

True, Christ said there’ll be disunity even in the family unit because of him. But that’s disagreement for the right reason. The problem is that many Christians are experiencing lack of peace, within and outside themselves, for all the wrong reasons!

Kindness Challenge for Peaceful Living teaches you easy and simple way of life that will give you the peace you so much desire. And once you have this peace, you’ll not rest until you have passed the blissful feeling on to people around you, starting with your family.

Check out Kindness Challenge for Peaceful Living: Living the Way of Love on Amazon.

In this book, you’ll also learn to live the most satisfying Christian life with the following Biblical teachings:

- Understanding Religion and Humanity to Achieve Peace
- The Principles of Humanity: A Walk Towards Unity and Peace
- Fundamentals of Existence
- When You Blame Less, You Become Blameless
- …and lots more!
As you read this book, that peace that flows like a refreshing river will flow into your heart, revitalizing every area of your life: family, health, finances, career, social circles, and beyond. And then you yourself will become a peace force.

Check out Kindness Challenge for Peaceful Living: Living the Way of Love on Amazon.

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