The Worst Song of 2020 is Finally Here and You Have to Hear It to Believe It

The worst song of 2020 has been discovered over the weekend and it's a shocker, to say the least. But I will let you be the judge.

Online PR News – 26-March-2020 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica – It was a mundane, otherwise, totally ordinary afternoon last Sunday, when I stumbled upon the worst song of 2020. Dejected as I have been feeling as of late with the quarantining due to the Covid-19 virus crisis, suffice it to say that I have been browsing the internet a bit excessively. But I digress. It isn't that often that one starts out on a journey into the unknown realm of the musical underbelly of the 'web beast' only to discover songs that one cannot un-hear once heard. And so it is with this latest finding.
What got me interested in the song was the rather catchy intro that started off quite positively. Until the singing commenced at which point my whole world came crashing down like the 2020 stock market. I was nearly suicidal by the end of the song. But I had to endure to the end just so I can say that I survived even this (and it's probably worst then the Covid itself).
A stumbling block that I immediately ran into was the lack of info on the song. At this point, the artist remains unknown and it's partly the reason for this story because in this day and age of self-aggrandizing bravado - this is simply unfathomable. If you are reading this and you have an idea, I would be most appreciative if you could send the info along.

The music sounds like reggae but the singing has no Jamaican flavor. Although the music is bearable (hence why I was drawn to it initially), once the singing starts it becomes difficult to listen to. If I had to guess I would either say Gentleman from Germany or the group Magic of Canada is behind it, but I haven't been able to ascertain any facts as of this writing. The biggest advice I have to the artist is to listen to some real breadwinners in the industry before attempting to release something so blatantly awful. Then there is the rap part at which point I nearly vomited. Just when I thought there's no way the track can get worst, it takes a dive into an abyss that is unrecoverable. Truly.

This is where I have to give kudos to this song because the chord progression's melody is reminiscent of many great songs. Furthermore, there are lots of percussions for the added benefit of a full sound almost orchestra like. It is really unfortunate that the singer decided to ruin an otherwise coherent track. Perhaps a major issue lies within the vocal arrangement, which is mirror shattering, and that's being nice about it. During the hideous experience, the producer has the audacity to insert DJ sound fx that completely ruins any shred of integrity, effectively rendering the song to be called the worst song of 2020.

Although there may be one person in this world who might disagree with my assertion, I would assume that the overwhelming majority of listeners would agree with me. Although I am aware of the fundamentals of music production, it isn't foolhardy to at least try to produce something worthy of listening. I suppose the one positive here is that it at least received an award, albeit not the kind that most of us aspire to. Below you will find the link to the song