WagerLab Launches Mobile App Allowing Friends to Bet For-Fun on Sports, TV, News, Celebs & More

WagerLab is a new, growing app that lets users bet for-fun with friends across over 35 categories, filling the sports betting void in a world without sports

Online PR News – 24-March-2020 – Austin, TX – Casual betting has probably existed as long as friendships have. Thanks to WagerLab, this engaging pastime has entered the digital age. After releasing its Alpha in August 2019, which solely covered sports, the company recently made an exciting announcement that their full app is now available for download on both the Apple and Google Play stores. The release allows for groups of friends to bet for-fun on a wide array of topics including TV shows, movies, politics, current-events, celebrities, and more. This comes in-addition to sports betting, as all major worldwide leagues were already available in the alpha. The app has been met with extreme enthusiasm from users.

“We're very excited to offer new and exciting ways for people to interact with the events of their daily lives,” commented William Labanowski, the Lead Developer of WagerLab. “Our goal is to make casual betting an easier, safer, and more friendly activity.”

This couldn’t come at a better time with most major sports being cancelled due to coronavirus. New options are added daily with some current options including, “How many confirmed coronavirus cases will there be by next Monday?”, “Who is White Tiger on The Masked Singer?”, “Who will win the Democratic nomination?”, and “Will a head of state become infected with coronavirus in March?”.

WagerLab keeps track of all your bets and current balances with each friend; however, those balances are unit-less and don’t represent real money. Instead, it’s up to you and your friend to decide how the balance gets paid out. Since WagerLab doesn’t facilitate real-money bets, it is completely legal in all 50 states as well as a long list of other countries, and is available for download on both iOS and Android.

The app is rapidly growing in popularity. It doubled in size February, partly due to the Super Bowl which saw daily growth spike by 1700%. Steve J., from Boston recently said in a five-star review, "I’ve always been looking for an app to use where my friends and I can send each other bets and keep track of who wins. This app is perfect for that! Super well designed and easy to use. I use it all the time."

For more information, be sure to visit wagerlab.app, or download WagerLab on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also be part of the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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