LES TROIS PAPILLONS, David Martin Anderson's Latest Novel, Now at Amazon Books

Boerne, TX - ConRoca Publishing And Amazon's KDP have teamed up to publish and distribute David Martin Anderson's much-anticipated novel LES TROIS PAPILLONS.

Online PR News – 22-March-2020 – Boerne, Texas – ConRoca Publishing has teamed up, once again, with author David Martin Anderson to release another blockbuster novel, LES TROIS PAPILLONS ('The Three Butterflies'). Available on March 22, 2020, this represents Anderson's third book release in as many months (see, BEATY BUTTE, HARRY'S APOLOGY). Third-party publisher KDP-Amazon, will provide logistics support for distribution. Classified as a literary fiction, Anderson's romantic tale spans fifty-six years and two continents. Anderson's latest novel is actually a re-release of an older novel the author never published. "It was simply too good of a story to languish on a flash drive unheralded and unpublished," Anderson stated in a recent interview. "The problem was at 44,000 words the book was too short to be considered a full length novel and too long to be classified as a novella. Publishers loved it but wouldn't touch it. Fortunately, in today's marketplace, independent publishers such as ConRoca Publishing thrive on material like this and have chosen to run with it," he added. Published by the largest book publisher in the world, Amazon's KDP, the book is now available in both EBook (Kindle) and trade/paperback versions. Independent book stores can purchase the paperback directly from ConRoca Publishing. Anderson said he completely rewrote, reedited, and revamped the book, being a superior writer than eighteen years earlier. So far, critiques have fallen in love with this romantic historical spin on three generations of men separated by time and distance. Here is ConRoca's official description:

LES TROIS PAPILLONS ('The Three Butterflies') is a story about three generations of men who fall into misfortune because of bad decisions made at key junctures in their respective lives. Oddly, the timing of their decisions coincides with the 28-year cyclical migration of Swallowtail butterflies out of the south of France. The plot begins in Germany in 1944, resurfaces in 1972, and concludes in America in 2000. Thus, each chapter is divided into three sub-chapters describing each man's journey until the climactic final chapter where their lives converge. While there are three distinct plots, there is really only one real protagonist, Mitchell Jameson. Mitchell is an American author who in the year 2000 uncovers the past hidden lives of the other two men, men for whom the plot of his latest novel swirls. One of the subjects is his estranged biological father, a US Army officer during the Vietnam War; the other is his Grandfather, a German SS prison guard at the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II. As for himself, Mitchell is in the midst of a tragic marital affair with the timing of the infidelity taking place during the migration of the Swallowtails. For Mitchell the doomsday timing seems too coincidental for his fate not to be sealed. But the real question for Mitchell becomes how much does free will determine his destiny or is his destiny ordained by some genetic predisposition. Will he repeat the tragic patterns of his father and grandfather? And, being a writer, how much of an illusion has his imagination played in creating the wistful truths about his predecessors, especially with so little information about them available 28 and 56 years after-the-fact. Ultimately, Mitchell must fight fate or choose his own destiny and reunite with his wife. Classified as a literary fiction, because of the historic perspective of the plots, this LES TROIS PAPILLONS can also fall under the ‘historical fiction’ genre. The book is available as a EBook (Kindle) and as a paperback and is readily available through Amazon.