Coronavirus Arrives!! EmpMonitor Favours Work From Home Approach For Employees’ Wellness

The prominent monitoring software aims at preventing Coronavirus spread by helping organizations in tracking their remote staff’s productivity.

Online PR News – 20-March-2020 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – With the growing COVID-19 cases around the globe, thousands of renowned companies including top-fortune organizations namely Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter, Amazon, these all have rolled out inevitable work from home policies to avoid the spread of the most dangerous “Wuhan Virus”. In this connection, EmpMonitor, an intelligent monitoring software demonstrates its remote monitoring ability to uphold this truly necessary working culture.

Moments after the world’s powerful nation, USA’s president Donald Trump announced an emergency, a significant portion of companies have adopted several measures to combat this incurable disease. In India, the entire IT firms that are operating in metropolitan cities, have already made it mandatory for employees to execute further work from home. So, compelling productivity cum employee management software like EmpMonitor is marking their robust presence.

While discussing the software’s unique abilities, one of the company’s spokesperson said, “ It’s undoubtedly true that working from home can save a group of workers from being infected with the coronavirus, and we are pleased to put our software’s remote tracking feature in force.” “ This feature is going to be a great help for companies in keeping track of their employees’ working habits even though they stay at home.” he further added.

What Does Remote Tracking Exactly Mean?

Remote tracking defines the act of tracking employees' working behavior and productivity from anywhere irrespective of any geographical limitations. In the current scenario, when the entire world seems threatening from Coronavirus, most of the software companies have adopted work from the home approach.

So, to make sure employees contribute 100% in their work contribution, EmpMonitor sheds some light on its remote monitoring abilities for helping out companies. Within the last couple of months, the monitoring software has got a good number of subscribers for their flexible pricing plans.

Note:- EmpMonitor now comes with an entirely free plan, considering the businesses working with a shoe-string budget. Detailed information about this given at


EmpMonitor is a leading solution for employee management, which has been serving successfully worldwide since 2014. The software comprises staggering features, mainly the ability to gain accurate insights for any remote location in a stealth mode that is most demanding nowadays.

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