Cloud-based, MyOperator Provides Free Helpline Numbers as a Pro Bono Service

To help NGOs, government bodies, and activists efficiently manage public calls for advice and support regarding new Coronavirus disease and seek timely care.

Online PR News – 23-March-2020 – Noida, Uttar Pradesh – The life-threatening COVID-19 disease has been characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and with 170 cases in India, it can spread fast.

In this tough time, let’s stand together to support each other, do whatever we can to strengthen our shared fight against Coronavirus and win this battle. As an effort in this direction, we at MyOperator are offering free-of-cost helpline number to all NGOs, government bodies, and activists (“authorities”) who are engaged in spreading awareness about Coronavirus and providing medical advice and support to those affected by COVID-19.

Helpline numbers will be available at absolutely zero cost and will be made available on an instant basis. Each helpline’s IVR menu will be customized depending on the requirement of the concerned authority. These helplines will enable the concerned authorities to efficiently manage the public calls for advice and support regarding new Coronavirus disease and run COVID-19 awareness campaigns at both small and large scale, with 24/7 availability.

As of now, many NGOs are using multiple contact numbers where people looking for help can call. If one contact number goes busy, the caller has to try another one and so on. With a centralized helpline number, this job can be done better. Multiple volunteers and care executives can be mapped to the centralized helpline number. Therefore, whenever any person calls, it can be assigned to the executive who is available. Such efficient call management will lead to very low missed calls. Further, missed calls can be traced from the dashboard so that timely callback and support can be provided. Effectively, it will make sure that no call is missed and each call-request for COVID-19 support is answered at the earliest and duly honored.

In the previous disaster cases like Kerala floods and natural catastrophes in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, we have helped NGOs simultaneously attend multiple emergency calls with centralized helpline numbers. It enabled the victims to easily reach out to the NGOs and self-help groups and seek immediate relief. Using similar helplines to manage COVID-19 support calls, we can ensure timely care of people affected by the novel Coronavirus.

Therefore, we request that you share a copy of this press release with all the NGOs, government bodies, and activists involved with COVID-19 and ask them to please avail their toll-free helpline number. We humbly request all the NGOs, government bodies, and activists who are working to fight against the novel Coronavirus to please contact MyOperator team, avail their toll-free helpline number and let us become a part of your broader mission to defeat Coronavirus. The

As responsible citizens, this is a very humble effort to contribute our efforts to our joint fight against the Coronavirus and we are positive that it will create a positive difference, no matter how small or big.

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