. Dentists Respond to Coronavirus Crisis with Virtual Help

Dentists come to assistance during healthcare crisis

Online PR News – 17-March-2020 – Kansas City – In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, The TeleDentists is using virtual dental consultations to provide access to vital dental care. (Too many people use the emergency rooms for dental pain) People are also nervous about scheduling or keeping appointments in dental offices. While a lockdown is not imminent, it is certainly possible. More than likely, people are going to begin to self-limit if the disease continues to spread and more people succumb to the illness.
The TeleDentists offers the solution of teledentistry. Our company delivers vital dental services virtually wherever, whenever a dentist is needed. Through The TeleDentists, we provide help with dental emergencies, answers to oral health issues and training/education for patients. These virtual consultations can be done in the safety of the patient’s home. Furthermore, The TeleDentists can refer patients to dental offices when necessary and use electronic prescriptions in the case the patient needs antibiotics or non-narcotic pain medication.
Specifically, how can teledentistry be added to the solution during this moment of crisis?
For Patients: Stay out of Emergency Rooms
The TeleDentists can support patients in pain who are self-quarantined, or suspect they may have the virus.
The TeleDentists can e-prescribe appropriate pain relief and have the prescription sent to a local pharmacy.
The TeleDentists can refer a patient to an appropriate telehealth provider for a non-dental issue.
The TeleDentists has reduced the price of an online dental consult to $49 for the next six weeks.
For patients in need of support, go to www.theteledentists.com and click See A Dentist Now
For Dental Practices:
Dental Practices can deploy teledentistry for all follow up visits.
Dental Practices can screen patients and encourage sick ones to seek medical care away from the dental office.
Dental Practices can e-prescribe medications for a patient in need.
The TeleDentists have reduced the cost for a consultation to help everyone involved: dental practices, dentists, and patients. For practices looking to offer teledentistry to its own patients, contact Leah Sigler at leahs@theteledentists.com.