Get to know Techno Dj Miss Channa, upcoming talent from Holland

Techno Dj Miss Channa is a upcoming talent from Holland, she amazes friend and foe. Get to know this lady. She is well worth it.

Online PR News – 17-March-2020 – Los Angeles, California – Channa referred to expertly as Miss Channa, She is a DJ and maker from the Netherlands. She began a couple of years before creating Hardcore and Frenchcore, later on, she created as a maker and extended her mindset. These days she additionally creates no-nonsense, techno, tech-house and bass house.

Miss Channa was conceived in 1985 in Arnhem the Netherlands. At the point when she was 1 year, she moved with her parents to Switzerland. At 4 years old years she came back to the Netherlands. Miss Channa did consistently have the talent for music. Continually taking the music with her. She began delivering since 2017.

Miss Channa stands apart from the rest since she is expansive in her creations and mixes yet additionally makes her fine art, oversaw herself and can mix without the synchronize button. Her music has just been heard on Dutch radio yet also abroad, for example, Great Britain. Miss Channa began mixing with vinyl, at that point she changed to the DJ gear from Pioneer. From the MK's to the RX2 and afterward to the Nexus 2000. Miss Channa doesn't spare a moment for a touch of innovation. Miss channa now mostly mixes at private gatherings abroad.

This year Channa will release a whole lot of new tracks. She started this year with Superbia wich is streamed a several thousand times. Her latest track will be released next Saturday, March 21. This track is of a different level and will certainly surprise you. A sound you have never heard before. We will know for sure that your will hear Channa's music a lot in the festival areas in the coming year