Security expert sets “trillion year” password challenge for Hertfordshire business owners

Most of the businesses in Hertfordshire would fall a simple password security test, according to a local cybersecurity specialist.

Online PR News – 17-March-2020 – Hertfordshire, UK – Most business owners and managers in Hertfordshire would fail a simple password security test, according to a local cybersecurity expert.

And because they have high-level access to all of their business’s most critical systems, that leaves them at massive risk of being hacked.

Expert Nathan Stewart of Total Group International says hackers can crack simple passwords – such as “Fluffy123” or a football team name – in minutes.

“You’d be surprised how many senior people rely on weak passwords,” he said.

“And they’d be shocked how crackable their passwords are. Even by inexperienced hackers, when they use common automated tools.

“This really does happen all the time. Far too often we are asked to help a local business that’s been hacked. And we discover that the person with the greatest amount of access has the weakest password.”

Now Nathan has issued a “trillion year” password challenge.

Anyone can check how long it would take a hacker with automated tools to crack their password at

“My passwords would take a trillion years to hack, according to that website,” he added.

“And I’m challenging every business owner and manager round here to upgrade their passwords to trillion year status.

“It’s such a simple thing to do. But it would add huge levels of additional protection to any business.”

Total Group International was formed in 2003 and now looks after hundreds of local businesses in the Hertfordshire and London Metropolitan area.