Crisis Communications Uses Overseas Leverage to Expedite COVID19 Tests to the USA
03/15/2020 to fill the abundant need of COVID19 tests and other preventive supplies to the US and other countries.

Online PR News – 15-March-2020 – West Palm Beach, FL –
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Crisis Communications System Inventor Uses Overseas Leverage and Established Relationships to Expedite Coronavirus/COVID19 Test to the USA

West Palm Beach, FL: On March 11th, Steve Calabrese founder of Critical RF - A Ham Radio Operator and designer of a multi-patent Crisis Communications System, announced the launch of a new portal, to fill the abundant need of COVID19 tests and other preventive supplies to the US and other countries. main purpose is to support families, communities, business and other medical facilities to provide information, advice, tests and other preventative and safety products and equipment.

From the online store, consumers and businesses can order individual Rapid Covid19 Home Test Kits, masks, Covid19 Disinfectant Devices with Infrared Spectrum Light and Laser, a state-of-the-art decontamination chamber, animal antibacterial masks, and many other safety products to combat the Covid19 pandemic.

When asked why Mr. Calabrese chose to enter this competitive market against such competitors as LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, he responded, “Ham Radio Operators have traditionally given their time and extensive technical expertise to help the public and mobilize a rapid response in times of need. I wanted to use my technical and scientific ability and established business relationships and ability to stand up a rapid response with oversea manufacturers to provide affordable options for families and small businesses.” Calabrese has experience in providing assured communications in times of emergency. Companies and government agencies such as NBC Comcast, Tishman Speyer, and United States Dept of Agriculture have in their crisis management plans his technology which allows off and on site workers to securely access 2 way radios from their smartphones and tablets anywhere on earth.

Calabrese notes that websites such as Facebook and Twitter are blocking small businesses like his that advertise they have access to COVID19 tests and this is slowing down the public’s ability to buy their own tests. “We believe that the public has been kept largely uninformed on the availability of the ability for anyone to purchase these tests for the past 2 year - largely by design of big pharma and big media.”

“To clarify, our company only focuses on providing individual CoronaVirus tests to families”, Calabrese replied, “But if hospitals have requirements that their current suppliers can’t meet we have the capacity to support them at high volumes as well.”

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