Phaya Naak Announces the English Version of its Best-Selling Thai Conversation Guide: THAI BLABLAA

Phaya Naak has decided to go international by offering English speaking travelers a series of funny yet useful conversation guides.

Online PR News – 15-March-2020 – Nong Khai (Thailand) and Paris (France) – The independent publishing house Phaya Naak, which has sold over 5,000 guide books from French into Southeast Asian languages, has decided to go international by offering English speaking travelers a series of funny yet useful conversation guides.

Nong Khai (Thailand) and Paris (France) – March 16, 2020 – Phaya Naak is an independent publishing house created in 2014 in Nong Khai, a city in Northeast Thailand. It is now releasing the first ever English version of its best-selling conversation guide Thai Blablaa, part of a wider collection that includes guides in Khmer (Cambodian), Vietnamese, and Lao.

Since its inception, the company, owned by local female entrepreneur Panja Fries, has focused on delivering a different approach to languages for travelers looking for more than mechanical exchanges with the locals. It was a successful endeavor as more than 5,000 copies of the original French edition were sold.

“The main goal of our conversation guides is to help people understand what popular culture is made of”, says Panja Fries, owner of Phaya Naak. “We have noticed that the new generation of travelers isn’t at all happy with the way many traditional conversations guides are conceived. It’s very simple: people don’t travel the same way they used to. We see more and more travelers staying in foreign countries for longer periods of time, so they are more exposed not only to the language, but also to people’s culture”, she adds.

“Thai Blablaa is intentionally conceived to be funny as it captures the spirit and humor of the people in Thailand. It does so lightly, without ever resorting to the vulgar, always in line with everyday life and the everyday preoccupations of common people, who are often excluded from other methods”, says its author, Brussels-born Georges Lemaire, who spent over 20 years travelling on and off in Southeast Asia, mostly in Thailand, when he started the project.

“I literally bought all the learning methods available over the past 20 years as I made my way around Southeast Asia”, says George. “And all of them - ALL OF THEM - ended up being way too formal, too complicated, too frustrating”, he adds.

Six years later, having sold French guides to travelers in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia through a sales channel that excluded any partnership with big brands, Phaya Naak goes international with the first ever version of Thai Blablaa in English.

The method is simple, even for complicated languages like Thai. Everybody can improve in no time because alongside the 1,169 phrases included in the book, there are entertaining facts and anecdotes about the country, offering the reader essential cultural contexts.

The book is available in paperback, with free audio files, and it can be shipped worldwide.

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