Innovo Detox, a MARC Treatment Center, Announces Grand Opening in Pennyslvania

Innovo Detox, located in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, is a licensed 52-bed facility that will offer detox and medical services to the local community.

Online PR News – 12-March-2020 – Abbottstown, PA – The owners of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center of Towson, Maryland, have announced the opening of Innovo Detox, a MARC Treatment Center. Innovo Detox, located in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, is a licensed 52-bed facility that will offer detox and medical stabilization services to the local community and surrounding Mid-Atlantic area. Innovo Detox will be open and accepting patients on Monday, March 16th, 2020.

“We had noticed a dire need for detox and medical stabilization services for our MARC patients and that was a need we heard voiced by many colleagues and other treatment organizations within our area,” said Maryland Addiction Recovery Center and Innovo Detox Co-Founder Zach Snitzer. “Within our area of the DMV and Pennsylvania, many people were needing to drive 3 hours or longer to find a true detox facility, so Innovo Detox will be able to offer the highest quality of medical services to an area of the country very much in need. This new detox will allow the necessary time for a patient to be detoxed safely and become medically stable before moving on to the next appropriate clinical level of care.”

As is the philosophy at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, Innovo Detox will operate under the belief that as a chronic illness, addiction and co-occurring disorders are best treated through a long-term continuum of care. Therefore, great planning went into the staffing at Innovo that will support patients not only getting the best possible evidence-based medical and clinical care, but also will be engaged to not use the detox process as the solution to their substance use disorder, but as a first step in a long-term treatment and recovery process.

“We know that addiction is a disease and that in order to achieve best outcomes, patients should be engaged in long-term care,” explained Innovo Detox and Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Co-Founder Sam Bierman. “Just like any other chronic health issue, best results are achieved through long-term treatment, monitoring, and ongoing recovery support. However, we also know that detox is typically the first step and initial access point to care. Because individuals and families were lacking many detox options, it was a barrier in them seeking help. Innovo Detox will give them that necessary ‘front door’ to walk through in order to find recovery.”

Although having common ownership, Innovo Detox will operate separately from Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, providing stand-alone detox and medical stabilization services to patients. Innovo Detox will look to partner with other addiction and mental health treatment centers, healthcare and community organizations, private practice clinicians and doctors, and recovery houses to support patients that need detox and stabilization services. The organization will further look to be a trusted partner and provider for the local community and local government, health, and religious organizations.

“We are so pleased with the response we have already received from local community and professional partners,” stated new Innovo Detox Executive Director Molly Ashcroft. “We will absolutely be a community partner locally and a service provider to many organizations and individuals throughout the Mid-Atlantic area that for so long have been underserved with detox and medical stabilization services for those suffering from addiction, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders.”

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