ManagedPMO as the 1st rank in Property Management Solutions

RoboMo, Inc. starting a revolution in Digital Software Solutions

Online PR News – 09-March-2020 – Cebu City – Maintaining and managing all the data around your property, residents, facilities, or other such information and making it available for queries and reports is a necessity in today’s business world.
That is why after ManagedPMO was introduced by RoboMo, Inc., several leading property managers recognize it as the solution to take their operations to the next level.
ManagedPMO is the flagship product of RoboMo, Inc. It is a cloud-based property management platform that combines property management domain expertise with the most comprehensive and secure SaaS technology.
This solution offers tools to automate PMO processes, capture billing generation details, tracking of utilities usage and allows you to track and monitor your property performance with detailed analytics. It also allows the businesses full access control including customization of the features, reminders, functions, forms and standard reports.
The integrated software platform enables the property managers to digitize, automate, and have a holistic view of their property while increasing the efficiency and reducing the manual work with just a couple of mouse clicks. Users can also access the portal from anywhere around the clock.
As an example, property owners can send bulk notices or group emails for rent reminders, maintenance alerts, site visit or any other news that needs to be shared with all the tenants.
Since the launch of ManagedPMO, RoboMo Inc. has set the standard for responsiveness and technical innovation giving the clients a business edge and superior quality service.
New Cebu-based start-up company, RoboMo, Inc., launches a revolutionary approach for organizations of all sizes that need software solutions and outsourcing services specifically for managing commercial and residential properties.
The growing company is based in the heart of Cebu Business Park, Cebu City’s premier business and commercial district. It was founded by Antonie Geerts, now the Chief Executive Officer of the company.
The principal activity of RoboMo, Inc. is to assist clients in digitizing and optimizing business operations, ensuring increased profitability and tenant satisfaction .
The dream team behind the company are highly capable IT and business operations professionals well-versed in designing and delivering a clear roadmap towards achieving the client’s business goals. The team also utilizes software development best practices to ensure that the highest quality is delivered.
RoboMo’s product solutions can be integrated with other software applications and hardware systems, setting the bars high for the aspiring property solutions developer.