Vernon, at Capitol Hill, Promotes Veteran Health, Education, & Disabilities Act to Kentucky’s Barr

Vernon, of Andrew Vernon & Associates, visits Capitol Hill to promote Veteran Health, Education, and Disabilities Act to Kentucky’s Andy Barr.

Online PR News – 06-March-2020 – Washington, D.C. – This week, Andrew Vernon traveled to Capitol Hill in hopes of breaking down barriers for veterans and their families by promoting the newly proposed Veteran Health, Education, and Disabilities Act. The Act, which Vernon brought to Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY) and his legislative director, aims to reduce the burden of veteran student loan debt in accordance with each veteran’s VA disability rating.

Vernon, founder of non-profit Andrew Vernon and Associates, fully understands military and veteran culture after serving himself, which is why he knows the merit of this new Act. Current laws only relieve student loan debt for veterans who the VA considers 100% disabled, but those with lower disability ratings can still face challenges in the work place. Because current law does not account for those challenges with both finding and maintaining employment, many disabled veterans struggle to pay off accumulating student loans due to repercussions from their service to this great nation. Americans face a stunning 1.6 trillion dollars of debt and rising, adding stress to tasks like buying homes, having and providing for their families, or even simply leveling out personal credit scores. Struggling in such areas can heavily affect the mental and physical well-being of veterans who are tirelessly working to transition back to civilian life. These considerations make the advancement of the proposed Veteran Health, Education, and Disabilities Act crucial.

Though the bill could be expensive, it is essential to find the money to continue supporting our veterans throughout their lives. By aiding in the currently destructive student loan process, which already has caps, post 9/11-GI Bill restrictions, and more, the Veteran Health, Education, and Disabilities Act could ultimately improve veterans’ credit scores. In turn, it will enable them to purchase homes, raise families, and generally invest more in the national economy, all of which will benefit the rest of the nation. Financial stability could also decrease the suicide rate among veterans whose mental health suffers in part because of their financial worries, and it would likely lower the rate of homelessness in the veteran community. Ultimately, we will all benefit from helping our neighbors and friends move toward stability and success after their time of service.

Andrew Vernon and Associates is passionate about continuing to provide support and services in veteran’s lives in both political and personal realms. The team is determined to work with sister non-profits, businesses, and leaders across America to fill gaps for our service men and women once they come home to a land they have worked diligently to protect. If you would like to stand with the Veteran Health, Education, and Disabilities Act or work with the company, visit our website at to learn more.

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