Announcement Of Partnership between Broward Center of Turkey and Huda International Schools

Partnership between Broward Center of Turkey and Huda International Schools Serves the Higher Education Needs of Students in Istanbul

Online PR News – 06-March-2020 – Istanbul – Partnership between Broward Center of Turkey and Huda International Schools Serves the Higher Education Needs of Students in Istanbul

Istanbul, 25 February 2020 – Broward Center of Turkey (BCT), the international affiliate of the Florida-based Broward College has entered into a strategic partnership with Huda International Schools (HIS) to provide HIS students with a wide range of university preparatory classes that are powered by Broward College. On March 30th, 2020, BCT will commence its programs by offering English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses to their eleventh and twelfth grade students in order to prepare them for University in Turkey, in the US or anywhere the students wish to study. The highly intensive EAP programs will gear HIS students to advance their English language capabilities in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing according to each student’s level of competency. HIS will be offering these courses on its campus in Basaksehir as an added value to its students in order to enrich their learning capacity, to elevate their standards of education and to enhance its internationalization efforts by partnering with a fully accredited American University. HIS and BIC will also offer an extensive array of professional certification programs to anyone in the community who is interested in advancing in their careers. All courses will be offered in English by Broward College credentialed professors and course credits will be available to students upon their request. This partnership was brought into existence under the leadership of its Co-Founder and President of Broward Center of Turkey, Dr. Hatem Akil as well as the Founder and Board Member of Huda International Schools, Mr. Alyaman Chamat.

“We are very excited to align ourselves with Huda International Schools in an effort to impart quality higher education to their students as well as to the greater community of Istanbul. We believe this partnership will generate great interest among parents to enroll their students in university preparatory courses and we hope this will be the beginning of a long term collaboration that will allow us to help offer future generations of HIS students with top quality higher education .” Said, Dr. Akil.

With regards to the community, Dr. Akil said, “We believe this cooperation will also encourage the surrounding residents of Huda International Schools to develop their professional abilities with highly specialized professional certification programs taught by renowned academics and industry experts from the United States who will teach at Huda International Schools campus.”

“Huda International Schools has long been aiming at providing a unique learning approach designed to inspire a compassionate, inquisitive and creative new generation able to compete in an ever-changing global world. Launching such a strategic partnership with Broward Center of Turkey will play such a great role in having our long-term mission not only attainable but also measurable.” Said Mr. Alyaman Chamat

Mr. Alyaman Chamat added: “Enabling learners to become proficient in English language and literacy skills is an inevitable step to successfully work on. In addition, providing learners with scientific tools and the ability to investigate and inquire has long been the backbone of our pedagogy. Furthermore, discovering learners’ talents and developing them to reach their maximum potential is a must-attain challenge with the purpose of meeting the needs of every single student. Last but not least, enabling learners to effectively use Turkish and Arabic in all walks of life are also indispensable targets to having our vision of being a global leader in preparing multilingual generations properly functionalized.”

About Broward Center of Turkey & Broward College: Broward College is a public state college and is a member of the Florida State College System. Established in 1960, Broward College (BC) offers over 140 degrees, certificates, and diplomas to its 64,000+ students located in Florida and in seventeen centers throughout the world. For more than 20 years, Broward College has been building International Affiliates and Centers around the world. Broward College’s 17 active International Affiliates and Centers provide BC’s fully accredited academic programs in a face-to-face environment using all the capabilities of Broward College including credentialed faculty, Learning Management Systems, e-library, emails, etc., with access to all of Broward College’s systems and privileges. Broward Center of Turkey (BCT) is Broward College’s affiliate in Turkey.

HUDA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS is an English-medium international school, based in the heart of Ba?ak?ehir in Istanbul, Turkey. At HIS, it is our priority to equip our learners with the knowledge, hands-on life skills and English proficiency needed to succeed in their higher education and future careers. This is why we proudly created a diverse team of professional educators, learning support assistants and support staff to ensure our learners graduate from HIS with multicultural awareness and an ability to fit in all communities. We have set out plans to create a safe learning environment that enriches the soul, mind and body. Bringing out learners with a balanced personality with an understanding of Islamic teachings and principles is one of our priorities.

For more information contact:

Broward Center of Turkey: Dr. Yasemin Saib,, +90-552-548-0153
Huda International Schools: Ms. Rula Taljabini,, +90-552-277-5588