Product Plenty LLC Launches BaouRouge® Precision Slicing Knife in the United States

Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign delivers breakthrough kitchen tool for professional and novice chefs.

Online PR News – 05-March-2020 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Say goodbye to jagged, uneven food slices cut with unwieldy knives. Product Plenty LLC launches the BaouRouge® Precision Slicing Knife in the United States. This knife is a first-of-a-kind kitchen tool created by French chef and entrepreneur Pierre-Andre Divisia, that transforms conventional food preparation and is fast becoming a vital kitchen utensil for passionate home cooks and professional chefs.

No matter how you slice it, uniform cuts are not only great for presentation, but they also ensure that every piece of food cooks evenly and at the same time. Nonetheless cutting clean, perfect, alluring slices, presents a challenge for all cooks aiming to enhance the appearance of a dish or striving to control food costs with dependable portion control provided by identical slices of meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and other foods. Simply slicing cucumbers, parsnips, carrots and zucchinis into perfect coins can be a time-killing chore with ordinary kitchen knives.

The BaouRouge® Precision Slicing Knife is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign aimed at re-creating the famous French-made Dux slicing knife from the 1960’s, a versatile and unique knife that had been used by professional chefs and home cooks alike for generations.

The feasting of our eyes impacts the feel and flavor of food as much as the aroma that touches our nose. Even before we put food into our mouths our brains have made a judgment about it which affects our overall experience.

Pierre-Andre had one such knife, but after 50 years of service, his own knife was starting to show its age. Yet, it simply could not be replaced with trendy imitations that were bendy, expensive and virtually useless. As an unabashed gastronome, replacing his worn-out Dux was imperative. As Pierre-Andre remarked: "The feasting of our eyes impacts the feel and flavor of food as much as the aroma that touches our nose. Even before we put food into our mouths, our brains have made a judgment about it, which affects our overall experience.”

Pierre-Andre’s goal was to create an affordable, multi-purpose tool that could maintain uniformity and consistency in the slice thickness across a variety of uses. A tool that could cut perfect, exact, identical slices, even to the thinnest level as would be required, for example, when preparing a true Italian ham or a French salami. Pierre-Andre’s vision was to help professional and novice cooks enhance the appeal and presentation of their servings with exact slices...without breaking the bank!

Kickstarter proved to be a platform where both curious enthusiasts and true knife aficionados could provide additional input to help Pierre-Andre create the resulting BaouRouge® Precision Slicing Knife, crafted with a robust, carbon-hardened stainless-steel serrated blade and an adjustable cutting guide made with titanium coated aluminum to inhibit oxidation. The knife also disassembles easily for machine or hand washing and is laboratory tested for FDA compliance.

The BaouRouge® Precision Slicing Knife has a ten-year warranty and is currently featured on The Grommet, an online marketplace for innovative new products and AutoQuotes, the world’s largest and most comprehensive product database and CPQ software dedicated to the FES industry.

BaouRouge® is trademarked with the French Registry for Industrial Design Property.


Alex Logan

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