Virtual Artist “Swade Soul” Addresses Sex Trafficking through music.

Texas-based virtual artist “Swade Soul” (SS) has released a moving song aimed at the education of Sex Trafficking titled “RED LITE”.

Online PR News – 05-March-2020 – Dallas – By Hdub Shepherd

Texas-based virtual artist Swade Soul (SS) has released a moving song aimed at the education of Sex Trafficking titled “RED LITE”.

“I was working for this company when one of our new employees called in on a conference call, and informed everyone listening that her 17-year-old daughter was just taken/kidnapped”, explains Swade. “She went on to explain that her child had just left the house walking to a relative's home a few blocks away for a visit. She was then approached by a passing car with a male driver and female passenger. After what seemed to be a short verbal conversation she was then forced into their vehicle against her will, he continues.
“That day was the moment I felt the need to address this crisis from my point of view and make the seriousness of this fast-moving trend digestible for the average person. So I wrote a song about it,” remarks Swade Soul.
This story, fortunately has a happy ending. Law enforcement was able to locate and rescue her after a month-long absence 250 miles away. But the trauma involved with the victim and her family is immeasurable.
The opening line of Red Lite hits like a salvo with the initial verse beginning, ‘You're playing Chess, when Checkers is more your game’.
Swade thrives on being an artist with his finger on the pulse of expressing real life issues in the form of music, and he believes that keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings is ever important today.

Swade Soul Bio

While most artists are still searching for their target audience, along comes one of the first urban virtual recording artist, who has embraced the virtual reality space as the next frontier for new and old artist. “Artist like the Gorillaz have soften the world to musicians that they won’t ever be able to physically touch. Now giving them a chance to be heard”, remarks Swade.

Swade Soul began his virtual artist career in the year 2004. Integrating his music into the virtual world platforms like Second Life, (Entropia), and inworlds. He has been an advocate for advanced technology including the acceptance of cryptocurrency the worlds new digital money. Swade Soul has spent the last 10 years helping to educate individuals and groups on how to interact with new technology.

Being a musician, producer, and a artist has has allowed him to research, experiment and test out new music over the past years. Swade Soul continues, “providing music as a virtual artist allows me to bypass the normal biases that come with the territory of performing as (what would be considered) a regular live artist”. As holographic technology becomes more and more relevant he envisions future live digital performance tours.
Messaging is really important to Swade and he feels that millennials and Generation Y have been able to circumvent the past atmospheric ethnic prejudices that has plagued past artist. He feels this liberal minded group as a whole actually thrive on message-related music.

His debut single “Red Lite ( Don’t Go) is an ode to the perils of human trafficking. As a father of 4 daughters and 2 sons, he has always paid close attention to women issues and has always championed for just causes. ‘Red Lite’ educates and brings awareness to this increasingly underhanded act of human trafficking.

Swade Soul is an advocate for current social issues to have a voice through music. He is positioning his voice to be a force for current and future fans to listen & learn about subjects that they may have never heard addressed in song.

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Swade Soul is preparing for his debut album release in May 2020, and he plans on delivering quality music for current and future fans to enjoy.
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