The 1440 Daily Digest and its 250,000 subscribers joins a growing trend of email newsletters outsourcing links to traditional media houses.

Online PR News – 28-February-2020 – Chicago, Illinois – 1440’s Daily Digest is now read by 250,000+ subscribers a day and growing 10-15% a month. Boasting an eye-popping 50% open rate, 1440 joins the ranks of other successful newsletters such as The Skimm, Next Draft, and The Hustle in not only bringing in revenue for their own businesses, but supporting traditional media via outsourced links.

The 1440 Daily Digest averages 60,000 clicks a day, all to news sources outside of its own domain. While most media companies attempt to keep viewers and readers tuned in to their own hub for as long as possible, 1440 and others are doing just the opposite. “Informing our readers is our top priority,” says co-founder Tim Huelskamp. “We want people to click on links that take them away from our site, because our goal is to empower readers so they can lead better, well-informed, more productive lives.”

Each 1440 Daily Digest has around 40-50 links to outside sources, and with some getting as many 7,000 unique clicks, the daily newsletter is bringing free revenue to a variety of media houses.

Huelskamp, a venture capitalist, founded 1440 with Dr. Andrew Steigerwald, a former scientist. It is not affiliated with any larger media outlet.

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