My Homework Ate My Dog! coming April 21 - New Novel from Author of the Scary School Series

New middle-grade novel My Homework Ate My Dog! is set for release on April 21, 2020 through Whimsical World.

Online PR News – 28-February-2020 – Los Angeles, CA. – Derek Taylor Kent, author of the beloved Scary School series (published by HarperCollins), is thrilled to announce his newest middle-grade novel, MY HOMEWORK ATE MY DOG! will be launching on April 21, 2020. Kent's first middle-grade novel since 2018's PRINCIPAL MIKEY, My Homework Ate My Dog tells the story of a brave 11-year-old named Rudy Berkman, who is excited when his family decides to move to Danville, considered to be "The Best City in the World" for it's complete lack of crime and spotless streets. But when Rudy arrives for his first day of school, he is startled to discover that all his classmates act like mindless robots and his teachers seem to want him dead!

When an enchanted sheet of homework comes to life and "eats" his dog alive, Rudy teams up with his crazy Grandpa and the school bully to rescue his beloved best friend from a greater evil than he could every image. Rudy will have to go from a regular kid to a brave hero in a short amount of time, for the fate of the world is resting in his small hands.

Kent is thrilled to finally have a new spooky adventure that his tens of thousands of Scary School fans have come to love him for. Says Kent, "This book was inspired by my love of Harry Potter, my incredible dog Zander, and my memories of going to a new school and having a difficult time fitting in and making new friends. I think kids everywhere will be able to relate to Rudy's struggles. He learns how to make friends with a kid he thought was his bully, but really just felt lonely and lost. He learns to appreciate his "crazy" grandpa when nobody else seemed to take him seriously. He even learns that he has secret powers that were inside him the whole time, but when he does with those powers will define him for the rest of his life."

A fun fact is that Derek actually wrote My Homework Ate My Dog! before the Scary School series, but it had to be put on hold when the Scary School series took off. He is excited that it finally going to be released to the world with the vision he always imagined for it. Derek and his wife, Sheri Fink, are the founders of Whimsical World, an innovative children's brand with a mission to inspire, delight, and educate children of all ages while planting seeds of self-esteem and high achievement. They accomplish this through their library of best-selling books, whimsical live events, speaking engagements, school visits, keynote speeches, seminars, webinars, and more. Please visit to learn more or to book them for your next event.