Quantum Encryption Breakthrough

Crowdfunding Campaign Announced for Cyber-Security Solution
Hyper-Geometric Quantum Encryption

Update - 1st Trial

Online PR News – 28-February-2020 – Montreal, Quebec – Crowdfunding Campaign Announced for Cyber-Security Solution
Hyper-Geometric Quantum Encryption

(PRESS RELEASE) – Davinci’s Android Studios is proud to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign that will allow anyone whether they be an individual, a small business, a large institution, or some other entity to protect their data and communications from any form of eavesdropping, snooping, surveillance, or malicious usage and theft during transmission across any form of communications medium or during short and long term storage. The PassWhorl™ system is a series of breakthrough encryption/decryption algorithms implemented in software and/or hardware/software hybrids making this a breakthrough solution in hyper-geometric quantum encryption for all.

“We believe people will find this new and unique way of protecting their data and communications something they will soon wonder how they ever lived without this added protection available to them. Think of it, bulletproof protection that is simple to use, easy to install, and inexpensive to obtain.” says George Nowe, CEO of DaVinci’s Android Studios, proud team leaders of the creators of this wonderful security breakthrough. “This kickstarter campaign, to raise, $61,000 will help us convert to optimized code, test by independent means both the software and hardware components, manufacture our hardware/software hybrid units, and finalize our packaging of those components so the PassWhorl system can arrive into everyone’s hands who desires a solution to their own cyber-security.”

PassWhorl uses Hyper-geometric 9 dimensional spacial mathematics to implement Quantum (Qu-bit) encryption in a rapid and secure manner. It will be easily installable to all devices in use today – mobiles, laptops, desktops, servers, and other connected devices to ensure anyone seeking to ensure their data is secure AND impervious to decryption by those it is not intended for.

“Seeing the way in which the team manipulates the data in multidimensional space with the ease of complex mathematics and differential analysis, leaves me in awe and I can see how it is indeed a breakthrough!” says Cris Rodriguez, Deep Data Analyst and Programmer.

PassWhorl is being developed by a team of coders and programmers by DaVinci’s Android, which has a track record in turning algorithms, raw ideas, and code into optimized and efficient software solutions. We are proud to step out from behind the curtain, introducing PassWhorl to consumers. The PassWhorl system is more than another encryption idea or method, it is a solution to your cyber-security woes.

UPDATE - 1st round results - trying to hack our encrypted message.

We enlisted the help of some serious hackers in the community, asking them try to break into (decrypt) our encrypted message. The results are in... ALL of them failed to decrypt the message. That is indeed helpful to us, since it shows the algorithms we have developed are working perfectly.

To learn more about Indiegogo and supporting PassWhorl’s $61,000 campaign, please visit https://bit.ly/2StH8vU