MyEdu Announces Quiz Feature to make educational sessions interactive for college students

MyEdu’s quiz module works with the college administration system and helps teachers, professors to create and review quizzes.

Online PR News – 27-February-2020 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Ahmedabad-based MyEdu attracts a lot of attention due to its range of school, college management apps designed to connect parents, teachers, and students. Now, the Edu tech firm has recently launched a superb quiz feature (add-on) for the college management system.

“Students often complain that their exam performance does not reflect the time and effort spent on studying. That’s perhaps because retrieval of the acquired information from time to time is crucial, and acts as a memory modifier. Trainees do not do the same and directly appear for exams without practice. Pre-exam quizzing can prove helpful for such students. Studies have already proved that quizzing can be helpful for students with different academic abilities. And, an online platform based pre-exam quizzing can be the best way for helping trainees in improving their performance. It can ensure students spend at least a few minutes of their time in study-related activities while outside the classroom. Administrators can ensure that the student’s computer screen remains locked for making sure he or she does not cheat with answers. Students can surely check answers from their smartphone while answering the quiz. However, it can still prove to be a superb way of polishing, testing, and improving knowledge. Such self-assessment from time to time also ensures students do not feel stressed during their annual examination,” said MyEdu’s executive while sharing details about the new feature that works perfectly with college management systems (ERP).

Quizzes can help in triggering the right kind of attitude, as trainees remain curious for knowing the answers to the unsolved questions. Such tests can be taken at any point, and even from the comfort of the house. As quizzes offer feedback instantly, they also play a crucial role in e-learning. The results of these quizzes can be analyzed for understanding areas of improvement that need more focus during lectures, discussions. With MyEdu’s solution, questionnaires can be reshaped accordingly for ensuring students benefits the most. Overall, the feature can ensure that trainees spend a few minutes more in studying and score well.

If your institution is looking for the best suitable school or college automation system, you should discuss your project needs with MyEdu’s team of developers. The firm has developed a superb reputation due to its range of web and app solutions for several schools and colleges.