Ecoturf Midwest Launches Eco-Friendly Watering Stake For Trees And Shrubs

Root Flow Tree and Shrub Watering Stakes channel air, water and nutrients normally restricted by mulch, compacted soils and weed fabrics!

Online PR News – 26-February-2020 – Bensenville, IL, – As part of their Ecoduty line of premium landscaping and erosion products, Ecoturf Midwest is pleased to announce the availability of an innovative new biobased product that provides an economical way to channel water as well as air and even fertilizer to the parts of the soil where root growth is most prevalent. Ecoturf’s Flow Tree and Shrub Watering Stakes allow trees to flourish by promoting healthy root growth, regeneration and recovery.

More than 95% of tree and shrub roots are located within the first 8 inches of soil. In urban areas especially! Soil gets compacted through development, construction and other factors.  Root Flow stakes channel water into the root zone that normally runs off, making irrigation more effective. For that reason, Root Flow stakes improve tree and plant survival rates by getting air and water past the mulch, weed fabrics and compact soils. This promotes root regeneration and recovery thereby reducing stress and plant loss.

Ecoturf’s Root Flow Tree and Shrub Watering Stakes are also good for the environment! Because the Root Flow Stakes are now offered with biobased material, the product provides an alternative to conventional non-renewable petroleum or wood derived products currently on the market. By using sustainable products like Ecoturf’s Root Flow Stakes, we can promote good stewardship of our natural resources and help the environment.

At Ecoturf Midwest, we pride ourselves in developing and selling quality environmentally friendly products that are “Made In America”. We value the relationships we establish with our customers and believe providing exceptional service is perpetual. One such example is Ecoturf Midwest teaming up with New Zealand companies Cirtex® ( and Terra Lana ( to offer innovative products services for the industrial textiles and geosynthetic industries in that country.

Ecoturf Midwest produces useful products that carry high value, with a keen focus on the environmental footprint. For more information on Ecoturf’s Bio Plus Stakes and other innovative offerings that the company provides, please visit

About us:
Ecoturf Midwest is a division of G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc. Founded in 1989; G.A.I.M. Engineering specializes in durable good items made from 100% recycled and biobased plastics. G.A.I.M. molds, invents and creates products for categories such as home goods, communication, mass transit and pest control. This family-owned company also aides with consulting, distribution, mold/tool design, assembly and secondary operations as a value added service for all of their clients.

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