Bio Plus Stakes: A quality biodegradable option for the Erosion Control Industry.

Ecoturf Midwest announced an innovative product for the Erosion Control Industry in the New Zealand and American marketplace called Bio Plus Stakes.

Online PR News – 26-February-2020 – Bensenville, IL December 2nd, 2019 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: As part of their Ecoduty line of premium landscaping and erosion products, Ecoturf Midwest is pleased to announce the availability of an innovative new product for the Erosion Control Industry in the New Zealand and American marketplace, biodegradable Bio Plus Stakes. Bio Plus Stakes are used for securing landscape fabrics, lighter grade blankets, weed barriers, and other matting used with landscaping jobs.

So why Bio Plus Stakes? For years, metal staples have been the choice for contractors mainly due to their price point and lack of any other quality options available. While they have done an adequate job, they are far from perfect. It takes roughly 2 pounds of force to pull a metal staple from the ground since their inherent design lacks any engineered resistance. This becomes problematic as changes in temperature, geographical pressure and tectonics push the staples out of the ground. Over time metal stakes cannot keep the blanket, mat or fabric from being adequately held down. Furthermore, this exposes the staples that have been pushed from the ground to lawn mowers and other machinery that can shoot their debris causing damage or injury. Because of this tendency to come out of the ground, in order to sufficiently secure the erosion control materials, scores of staples are installed.

Bio Plus Stakes are engineered with 20 ribs, and these ribs create points of contact to collect soil, thereby securing themselves firmly in the ground. The increased pullout force required to remove Bio Plus Stakes from the ground means users may be able to use fewer stakes per square yard to secure matting materials.

More importantly, once metal staples are used, they are in the environment for good! Bio Plus Stakes are a great alternative to metal staples as they are made with 100% renewable agricultural starch, and will breakdown and biodegrade safely in the soil. Because Bio Plus Stakes are made with biobased material, the product also offers an alternative to conventional non-renewable petroleum, metal or wood derived products currently in the market. By using sustainable products like Ecoturf’s Bio Plus Stakes, we can promote good stewardship of our natural resources and help the environment!

At Ecoturf Midwest, we pride ourselves in developing and selling quality environmentally friendly products that are “Made In America”. We value the relationships we establish with our customers and believe providing exceptional service is perpetual. One such example is Ecoturf Midwest teaming up with New Zealand companies Cirtex® ( and Terra Lana ( to offer innovative products services for the industrial textiles and geosynthetic industries in that country.

Ecoturf Midwest produces useful products that carry high value, with a keen focus on the environmental footprint. For more information on Ecoturf’s Bio Plus Stakes and other innovative offerings that the company provides, please visit