Monei Matters Invites Applications for DSA Empanellment for SME and Business Financing

Monei Matters invites applications for DSA (Direct Sales Associates) for selling SME and Business Finance Products.

Online PR News – 26-February-2020 – Delhi – Empanelment of Direct Selling Agents (DSAs)
Monei Matters proudly announce that it has starts the SME and Business finance vertical and also made tie up for this purpose with more than 41+ Banks and NBFCs. In this segment our main focus area is to serve and help SME, Mid Size and big corporate clients to fulfill their business loans & finance related needs. Its also covers Fund based limits, Non-fund based limits, Short term and Long term loans and finance needs. For this purpose we are in the process to appoint DSAs (Direct sales Associates) for these loan and finance products. The details of the same are as follows:

Monei Matters invites applications from eligible individuals/ non-individuals for empanelment as Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) for sourcing SME and Business Finance proposals for Monei Matters.

1. Eligibility:
(a) Individuals:
i) An approved agent for selling NSCs/Life Insurance Policies/ Mutual Funds/ Govt. approved valuers / Chartered Accountants/Tax Consultants.
ii) Real Estate Brokers
iii) Any individual (including a builder’s representative) who has prior experience of selling SME Finances, mortgage backed products, auto loans, credit/ debit cards, demat accounts and any other similar financial products
iv) Business Correspondents (BCs)/ Facilitators of Monei Matters.
v) Age of applicant should be minimum 21 years; the upper age limit is not stipulated. However, DSA should be physically fit and capable to canvass business.
vi) Should be local resident, at least matriculate and able to communicate effectively in local language and preferably in English also.

(b) Non-Individuals:
i) Proprietary / Partnership firm / LLP/ Company registered in India.
ii) Institutional Agency/Consultancy Group, Firms of Chartered Accountants, Real Estate Brokers, DSAs of Builders, Management Consultants, etc.
iii) In case of Companies it should be entitled to carry out such type of services as per Articles of Association.

The following conditions will be applicable to both Individuals & Non- Individuals:
i) Shall operate from his /her / its own place / house / office located at & knowing that Monei Matters will not provide any space / infrastructure for the purpose.
ii) He/ She/ it will not canvas or do any service under this agreement with any customer in the premises of the Monei Matters without the written consent of the Monei Matters.
iii) Should have mobile phone facility in his / her /own name or in the name of applicant firm / company/LLP etc.

2. Brief Job Profile of DSAs:
i) Generation of leads for SME Finances of Small, Mid-size and corporate clients from various sources
ii) Fill in SME Finance applications and obtain all the requisite documents, and deliver to the identified (Branch/SMS) either by him/her/it or through any other person authorized by DSA (in case of non-Individuals) on its behalf for further processing.
iii) The role of DSAs is limited to the sourcing of proposal only.
iv) KYC verification, pre-sanction survey, appraisal, documentation, disbursement and Post sanction inspection in respect of SME Finances will be done by the Monei Matters staff only.
v) The sanction of the loan will be at the sole discretion of the Monei Matters and concerned banks & on such terms & conditions that the Monei Matters and concerned banks may stipulate.

3. Products Covered.
i) Initially for SME and Business Finances (Working capital Limits, OD /CC Limits, Term Loans, LC/BG Limits, LCBD Limits, Factory and industrial finance, Project Finance, Real Estate Finance, School / Hospital Finance and many more business finances). However, Utilization of services of DSAs for other Retail Loan products may be considered in due course.

4. Terms/ Period of empanelment:
i) Purely Temporary.
ii) The Period of empanelment will be initially for -2- years. However, at the sole discretion of the Monei Matters, based on the performance of the DSA, it may further be extended for every 2 years by the Monei Matters.
iii) The empanelment of DSA with the Monei Matters is as a service provider only & it does not create any employer – employee relationship & the successors or assigns of the DSA will not have any right to claim employment or any other benefit whatsoever from the Monei Matters other than what is stated in the agreement.
iv) The DSA shall not represent himself/herself/themselves as official(s) of the Monei Matters & shall not give any commitment on behalf of the Monei Matters.

5. Payout:
i) Payout structure in competitive terms as per the existing guidelines of Monei Matters.

6. Application:

The interested persons / agencies /firms may apply in the specified application form for empanelment of
DSAs in the Monei Matters. (Please click here for the application form)

For more details and full terms and conditions please contact the respective Regional offices of the Monei Matters or on the given details as below:

Phone: 9313803227 / 9311003227

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