Developing New Trends In Celebrity Gossip Chronicles

Readers Finally Getting The Juicy Facts They Crave Online

Online PR News – 01-May-2009 – – For decades now the debate has raged on regarding celebrities rights to privacy. The standard argument that most put forward is that they should be allowed to simply go to work and come home without having their personal lives splashed all over some online celebrity gossip site. After all, it's the same basic right afforded to all working peoples who are simply trying to support themselves and their families.

It seems that as hard as celebrities try to keep their personal and private lives just that, personal and private, their dirty laundry just keeps ending up on some gossip sheet or online news site. So is it fair that celebrities are teated differently when it comes to issues of privacy? Is it fair that so many of them simply can't leave their homes without being photographed?

Enter, a subsidiary of who's senior executive had this to say in a recent interview. “ The only time that celebrities start to complain about their privacy rights being violated is after they become rich and famous”. “Up until then we can't get them off our leg”! “Sure they tend get upset when they see what we have found out about them and posted in but if they weren't doing it, we wouldn't be reporting on it”.

“Hey!” “They all know what comes with the territory when they originally get into show business and they can get out any time that they like and get regular jobs” “Their problem, is that real life isn't scripted like the movies that they are in”. “ They threaten to sue us all the time but their problem is that you can't sue a publication unless the story is false and we always have the pictures and videos to prove what we post”.

So it seems that as the public clamors to hear and see more juicier grittier details about the private lives of Hollywood celebrities, online gossip sites are delivering the goods right on time. In fact now updates and posts new stories and articles every three hours, which is something that is completely new to the business.

On a further note, online celebrity news sites are now replacing standard print publications as more peoples preferred source of news and information about Hollywood. New user interactive features allow visitors to pull up photos, do celebrity name searches, post comments in forums and even watch videos.

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