J.K. Mining Corporation announces expansion at its Cuzco site

J.K. Mining Corporation today announced expansion of its Cuzco site in Paucartambo province where they will increase the plant size from 6,500sqm to 9,800sqm.

Online PR News – 20-February-2020 – LIMA – J.K. Mining Corporation’s expansion of the site will enable the production of refining the gold on-site rather than transporting it to a refinery over 70kms away.

J.K. Mining Corporation will be in a position to extract more precious metals at the Cuzco mining operation site to satisfy the growing demand for gold and silver as electronics manufacturers are in need for supply.

J.K. Mining Corporation’s Chairman & Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Enrico Jimenez commented on the expansion saying "We are proud to make this announcement, because in such a short period of time, the expansion project is needed to meet the demand of our products, and special thanks has to go to the commitment and hard work of our research and geological team.”

J.K. Mining Corporation’s site expansion will use the latest technology in electroplating and will use highly specialized equipment for brazing and welding, in full compliance with safety and international environmental standards.

About Us - J.K. Mining Corporation

J.K. Mining Corporation is a gold and silver exploration, development and production mining company with interests based in Ecuador and Peru. Our vision is to be one of the highest valued and most respected mining companies by leading the industry in performance.

J.K. Mining Corporation’s interest in Ecuador lies in the southern province of Zamora-Chinchipe, near the city of Zamora and lies in a region of ancient volcanism. The area has been known to be rich in gold and silver for centuries and has experienced significant recent growth due to the discovery of a number of recent mineral veins of note. The mining industry in Ecuador is still in its infancy, with large unexplored areas that are potentially rich in gold, silver and copper.

J.K. Mining Corporation’s mining interests in Peru lie in the Cajamarca Region, approximately 45 kilometers to the south west of the city of Jaen and situated in a prolific gold and silver producing region of northern Peru. The project is located within a flexure of a thrust and fold belt of tertiary volcanism that runs the entire length of Peru and contains some of the world’s most prospective gold mines, including Lagunas Norte and Yanacocha, two of the world’s largest gold mines.

Sustainable development is central to J.K. Mining Corporation’s strategy and is integrated into every facet of our operations. We have deployed a practical framework which is developed from a strong set of principles to help us to deliver on this commitment and our practices will continually develop as we seek out ways to improve our performance.

J.K. Mining Corporation has a strong commitment to the protection of the environment and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We deliver strong environmental performance based on our adherence to our environmental policy, our standards and our commitment to continually improve our environmental performance.