Product Launch - Qraser Bra

The team at Dr.TWL Biomaterials developed the QRASER™ Bra as a secondary product after our first QRASER polymer patch for anti-ageing ”.

Online PR News – 19-February-2020 – SIngapore – Singapore, 19 February 2020 -- Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals (, dermatologist-led cosmeceutical research and engineering company, announced the launch of their material science arm, Dr.TWL Biomaterials, in July 2019, focusing on novel biomaterials for skin and hair applications. Their first product offering the Dr.TWL Cosmeceutical blender is an antibacterial microfibrillar makeup sponge with SOFSILK™ technology, designed to have skincare benefits suitable for acne and sensitive skin patients, and is currently prescribed in a dermatologist’s office for use with makeup application.
The biomaterials range features a new addition, the QRASER™ Bra, which is constructed of a medical polymer— creates an artificial skin barrier environment that promotes healthy skin and stimulates the production of collagen. According to accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin “The outermost layer of the skin, called the stratum corneum, acts as a natural barrier. It prevents foreign material from entering our system, shields us against environmental factors and prevents excessive water loss. However, this poses a challenge for the effective absorption of any topicals. The team at Dr.TWL Biomaterials developed the QRASER™ Bra as a secondary product after our first QRASER polymer patch for anti-ageing ”.
According to lead chemical engineer Mr Teo Zhi Liang, “The unique QRASER™ polymer technology mimics natural hydration and homeostasis of the skin barrier to enhance cosmeceutical absorption. These properties are vital in a transdermal drug delivery system.” Systems for transdermal delivery are assembled as multilayered polymeric laminates, consisting of a drug reservoir sandwiched in between 2 polymeric layers:
An outer impervious backing — prevents the loss of drug
An inner polymeric layer — functions as an adhesive and rate-controlling membrane
The polymers used are biocompatible with cosmeceuticals and other components of the system. They also provide consistent, effective delivery of the products, allowing users to achieve optimum results from their cosmeceuticals.
On top of increasing absorption of cosmeceuticals, The QRASER™ Bra can also be used alone for an optimal skin healing microenvironment to regulate healthy collagen production, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Interesting scientific facts about the QRASER™ Polymer
It is uniquely engineered with the following properties:
Inhibits growth of bacteria on the skin surface for acne scars. Bacteria, especially over areas of skin injury, such as acne scars, can induce excessive collagen production in scar tissue, causing poor healing.
Creates a unique microenvironment by increasing hydration of the stratum corneum (uppermost layer of the skin), drawing water to the topmost layer of skin, evening out fine lines and wrinkles and also regulating fibroblast activity to stimulate collagen production.
Balances expression of growth factors that stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize more collagen, while other growth factors increase the level of collagenases or enzymes which break down the excess collagen and responsible for poor healing and irregular skin surfaces.
[Features] Dermatologist-developed in collaboration with a material scientist.
[Biomimetic Occlusion Barrier] Our unique Qraser™ polymer technology mimics the natural hydration and homeostasis (natural balance) of the skin barrier, known as the stratum corneum to enhance cosmeceutical absorption. Designed for use with Vita C Gold™ Serum, Elixir-V™ Recovery Serum, Radiance Fluide™ Hydrating Emulsion.
[Collagen Upregulation] Application of the Qraser™ optimises skin healing microenvironment to regulate healthy collagen production, reducing wrinkles.
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Dr.TWL Biomaterials is the material science research and development arm of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals launched in July 2019, focusing on novel biomaterials for skin applications. It is headed by accredited dermatologist Dr.Teo Wan Lin and supported by material scientists and engineers. Dr.TWL Biomaterials specialises in research and development of natural and synthetic materials for new generation smart fabrics/textiles with hypoallergenic, breathable as well as antibacterial properties engineered with proprietary technology for ultimate skin compatibility. These are implemented in advanced processes to create makeup tools (makeup sponges, facial beauty blenders), proprietary facial masks and transdermal delivery patches to enhance bioabsorption of clinically effective cosmeceuticals for antiageing and skin repair. Dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin is the primary consultant in the development of home-use transdermal topical delivery patches to complement and support the absorption of anti-ageing cosmeceuticals(transdermal drug delivery). Textiles are laboratory tested for anti-microbial functions. All textiles sold under the brand carry an authenticity tag. For more information, please contact Justin Teo at +65 9837 8895 or