Is Launching Speed Dating Party Online

NOT a video chat, more of a “scientific crystal ball” that enables users to foresee the probability of success and identify true counterparts for a happy life.

Online PR News – 19-February-2020 – New York, NY – “LUI”, Love Under the Influence of physical attraction? How many of us are clear of that? When it comes to love, we trust our primal instinct more than anything else. The result is 1 in 2 marriages ending up in a divorce. What if there is a vetting mechanism that points us to the “good” potentials, i.e. viable for us in the long haul, so we can explore that magic butterfly feeling with the “vetted ones”?

NEW YORK CITY, NY—February 26th, 2020— (LoveMaze), a relationship science application is launching the first of its kind vetting system—Speed Dating Party Online!

Like nothing you’ve ever experienced, it’s LoveMaze’s monumental contribution to human love empowered by modern technology. Fast, easy, powerful, effective, and fun — 30 minutes go a long way in the virtual world!

Some key features of the Speed Dating Party Online mechanism include:

Stable matching — reveals the best prospect you can secure from the group.

Gamification — tests compatibilities based on your natural and genuine psychological tendencies and preferences.

Virtual—enables you to stay true to self and be free from the sway of physical attraction and the distraction of real-world noises.

Scientific — better than a crystal ball, it combines Mathematics, Psychology, Behavior, Social, Relationship, Compatibility; love is a complex subject!

The Speed Dating Parties Online is for one to — Get a true sense of each other and the probability of success before falling in love. Grasp what matters in the long run and whom their true counterpart should be for a happy uplifting life.

Join the party, cut through noises, get down to the fundamentals, see through a reality lens, identify the one-and-only for life.

A profile and RSVP to the events in LoveMaze are required to participate ( Currently, it’s free to join LoveMaze. Users gain Love Ammos for being a responsible, persistent, and active member of the love community. Love Ammos can be used to gain access or discount to some in-app special features and events, making the love seeking endeavor rewarding for constructive behaviors. There are many tools to prepare users for their successful love journeys. Users can go through Mazes, see Compatibility Quotient (CQ), go on virtual game dates, explore partnerships in real life events, etc. all to find the one-and-only for life.

The advent of Speed Dating Online is redefining the dating game, and furthering the mission of LoveMaze relationship science application, i.e. to increase everyone's chance for a long-term happy love and a fulfilling life.

"It's unimaginable that in the modern day, we still count on primal instinct for our love endeavor," claimed the LoveMaze team, "that's why we created with advanced technology to enlist the help of science to solve the fundamental issues underlying a romantic relationship."

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