Manetame Beard Comb Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The Manetame is a new beard comb for keeping your beard maintained on the go.

Online PR News – 13-February-2020 – DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – The Manetame Comb, a product that combines beard comb and product application, has announced its intention to raise funds through crowdfunding. This men’s grooming product intends to launch on February 25, 2020.

The Manetame Comb is a combination of beard comb and spray bottle designed to allow on-the-go application of beard management products including beard oil, water and detangler. Curved to fit into the pocket, the Manetame Comb is designed to complete two necessary beard maintenance activities—applying product and ensuring said product reaches the deepest parts of the beard.

Created by product designer and automotive industry veteran Paul Cepynsky, the Manetame Comb intends to raise $24,975 in crowdfunding contributions and is currently awaiting Kickstarter approval. Money raised through crowdfunding will support tooling, marketing costs and packaging.

With the support of backers, the Manetame Comb will rely on a uniquely tailored injection molding process that will maintain product consistency, minimize common injection molding issues faced when designing a beard product and deliver cost control impossible to achieve through its current 3D printing process.

Many things make the Manetame Comb unique:

Curved for front pocket use: The Manetame Comb contours the leg and can fit into the pocket of anyone who needs it. The product has been tested to fit anything from skinny jeans to suit pants.
Combines beard comb and oil application: The Manetame Comb is designed around a spray bottle. Not only does the comb’s design protect the spray bottle from damage, it allows the user to carry their favorite beard oil with them and apply it hands-free.
Designed to reduce static and maximize durability: The designer of the Manetame Comb has specifically chosen beard safe materials and worked with one of the leading injection molding companies in the nation to design the comb’s mold. The choice will overcome two common concerns many bearded people have with both plastic and injection molding.

“I’m incredibly excited to help launch this product,” said Steven Kluber, Head of Marketing for the Manetame Comb. “I’ve been using this comb for months and am ecstatic that we can share the intuitiveness and simplicity of the Manetame Comb with the millions of bearded individuals across North America.”

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About the Manetame Beard Comb

Here to help you #GetManetamed, the Manetame Beard Comb is built to combine everything you love about a portable beard comb with an easy to use applicator. Simply Snap, Spray, Go. Built with beard-safe materials, our product incorporates a unique design that allows you to keep your favorite beard taming solution with you at all times and apply it with ease.

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