Moneezy Launches a Financial Price Comparison Platform

The tech-driven company Moneezy is changing the loan market. The revolutionary concept enables the consumers to compare loan offers - fast, easy and for free.

Online PR News – 11-February-2020 – New York – Banking and borrowing money used to be all about long- term and personal relationships where your accountant would know everything about your income, spending and investments. With the rise of the digital era all of that has changed. We can now check our bank accounts at any time, we can transfer money all around the world, we can even apply for financing without leaving the comfort of our own homes.

Digital technology has given rise to the fintech sector. Consumers are grated much more freedom and possibilities to find the financing they need. Online loans are offering flexibility, transparent conditions and a simplified borrowing process. Indeed, borrowing money has never been easier. Still, it has never been easier to get lost in the countless loan offers that a simple internet search will generate.

Aiming to bring the power back to consumers, the loan comparison platform Moneezy was created. The idea behind the brand is that it compares the best payday loans on the market. Thus, making it easy for the consumers to get a clear overview, compare loan offers and chose the one that fits their needs best.
Moneezy not only give the consumers the power to make a reasonable choice about their finances fast and easy, it also drives the competition between lenders. Simplifying the loan offer comparison processes provokes the lenders to come up with new and more favorable terms for their loan offers.

About Moneezy
Moneezy has been on the market for less than a year and has already helped million of users to find the right loan. Moneezy is accessible from any mobile or desktop device, around the clock. The platform is 100% free for the consumers and is in no way binding to any loan offer.

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