KITATUS and Friends opens it's doors and begins production on "Nth^0: Infinity Reborn"

KITATUS and Friends, a game development studio based in Plymouth, United Kingdom have opened and begun development on an exciting Action RPG video-game.

Online PR News – 08-February-2020 – Plymouth, United Kingdom – KITATUS and Friends began with a core ideal to create video-games that excite, inspire and drive the industry forward with innovative design and exceptionally addictive gameplay. KITATUS and Friends plan to prove this design with their first project; Nth^0: Infinity Reborn.

When all of reality hangs on the brink of eradication, we must commit unspeakable sins for the greater good. Taking place across infinite dimensions, Nth^0 throws you into the true evil of man as you sacrifice everything to halt a mass-extinction of unlimited proportions.

Nth^0: Infinity Reborn is a dimension-shattering Action RPG with realistic swordplay. You will not find conventional health bars here, your limbs are your only defence. A battle can be over in a single hit if a critical strike to a core body part is performed. If a limb is caught with a direct hit, you can say goodbye to that limb.

Nth^0 is currently in development with next-generation consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X) and PC in mind as the target platforms. The current estimated release date is February 2021.

For more information about KITATUS and Friends and Nth^0 Infinity Reborn, the company webpage is: and the Facebook page is now live: